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Autumn Lingerie Picks

I have something I need to admit. Like many lovely ladies out there I LOVE shopping. I can shop till I drop, I can shop anything, clothing, homeware even bathroom cleaning bits. However, one area of shopping will always have my heart and sadly, my bank card! I am addicted to Lingerie shopping! I cannot get enough. While others may be addicted to candles or boots, I am addicted to shopping for, browsing online and snooping round shops for Lingerie. I also have the problem with home ware but there’s more of that to come later. Here is my Autumn Lingerie Picks! 


My Lingerie ideal shopping platform? Ann Summers… There’s no better store  they are constantly updating their stock, bringing in new amazing bits and bobs and bringing back best sellers. They are so on trend and so ridiculously on budget it hurts! And best of all, it’s discreet! Nothing worse than missing your parcel for Alan your neighbour to bring it in… When it’s branded by a sex shop. Not cool post man! 

image image image image

If you gasped when you scrolled down to this treasure trove you’re my new best friend! Ann Summers is just smashing it! I could shop with them ALL DAY!

These picks were were more of a no brainer than for a post. In fact I own every item above except the gorgeous Savannah BodyBut, oh, that looks like that’s just fallen into my basket. Don’t tell my boyfriend… Oops!

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m not exactly an introvert. I’m pretty much out there with as much as I can share with you all and that’s just my personality. I am a sharer – often an over sharer. When it comes to my underwear and lingerie, I am the same. I LOVE black underwear but if I’m going to do it, believe me I’m going to do it in ultra bright or fluorescent!

I own so many bright pink, bright blue and deep reds that my drawer is like a circus dressing up box!

image image image image

This ensemble range from another favourite store of mine, Figleaves. A little on the more expensive side for some but amazing amazing quality! 

ASOS have seriously impressed me this season. Usually my staple for, well, staples. My black jeans and black t shirt looks is always dependable from ASOS but I’ve ended up buying so much lingerie from them this season that they HAD to be included in my guide!

I LOVE harness bras (I dedicated a whole post to them, find it here) and I think it’s amazing that brands are using curvier models as it really shows off your best bits!

Since writing this post, I’ve actually spent so much money! Oops. Little treat for me before Christmas I guess!

What at do you think of my Lingirie picks?

Where do you shop for your picks?




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