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Alternative Advent Calendars

Remember, way back when you were little, when you’d get so excited about going to Tesco to pick yours. Every morning you’d rush your breakfast to hunt for the next door. You’d rip it open and munch down the lovely little chocolate figurines – best month ever! Of course, I’m talking about Advent Calendars and the Christmas Spirit starting as early as now – or December 1st, you scrooges!

But big news guys! The humble cardboard advent calendar housing your twenty five little chocolate treats are so yesterday! The new, hottest trend of this Christmas season is the alternative advent calendars. And, instead of opening your calendar to receive chocolate every morning you can open up anything from make up wipes, lip liner, nail varnish or whiskey!

I’ve done lots of research to make sure you can pick the best one for you – and a sneaky one for the man in your life! Beware, though, that the prices of these alternative advent calendars are a lot different from the Frozen one you had last year!

Avon Nail Calendar

My first pick, as a nail varnish addict, is the lovely Avon Nail Selection Advent Calendar. Behind each door is a gorgeous nail colour for every season – bonus! If you were to buy the nail polishes separately the entire thing would cost £78 so you’re doing well with this one! The bottles come in a good size – 10ml each and as well as colours there a couple of top coat and nail strengtheners. A good buy!

Avon Nail Selection Advent Calendar – £55

You can buy it here once it’s available (Early November).

Benefit Advent Calendar

This little beauty is from Benefit. A tried and trusted make up brand so this is very exciting! Aptly names the Party Popper, this advent calendar will not disappoint! It promises lots of the classic favorites, from mascara to primer and moisturizer. I’m also told that every time it opens it plays a little jingle – CUTE! This one would definitely have to be a staple and, better yet, it wont break the bank! Who wouldn’t be happy to open one these doors every day!

Benefit Party Popper Advent Calendar – £34.50

You can buy it here – hurry it may be out of stock!


How cute is this!? Again, another nail varnish calendar but I couldn’t resist! These awesome little nail varnishes come in lots of different colours throughout the month and BONUS also include a couple of glittery polishes! Perfect for the season – better yet, you can try them for both Christmas and sparkle on New Years! I absolutely love this little calendar and would be chuffed if I managed to get my hands on one! This collection also includes some nail care polishes too – great! This one is on the slightly more expensive side and can only be found at stores such as Boots, Asos and Very. Get in there, girls!

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar – £49.99

Lush calendar

Lush has exploded this year! I’ve always been a fan but their popularity has gone stratospheric this year! their products have gone from a little treat to every bloggers’ luxury and must have! Every girl I know wants SOMETHING from Lush for Christmas so this little advent calendar is just perfect! It is filled with bath bombs, soap and all kinds of amazing-smelling treats to help you get yourself all scrubbed up for the big day! Imagining how GORGEOUS Lush smells just to walk pasts, imagine how this bad boy is going to make your living room smell! Another great plus is that lots of their products are absolutely fine on sensitive skin so this could be a gift you don’t need to stress about! This is a definite must have for Christmas!

Lush 12 Days of Christmas – £50

You can find it here.

Yankee Candle Calendar

Your eyes do not deceive you! This is an actual thing! A Yankee Candle Advent Calendar. Call me crazy but I’ve already bought this one for someone – I couldn’t resist. And, honestly, it’s better than you can imagine. I knew it had arrived by the smell of the Post Man – he smelt gorgeous! The box it came in was so euphoric and delicious I contemplated keeping it as an air freshener. Amazing! The scents included are all of festive origin and include Winter Glow, Bundle Up and Cosy By The Fire. Amazing. The candles obviously aren’t full size, instead they are smaller tea lights but it is so worth the money!

Carousel Yankee Candle Advent Calendar – £31.99

Here’s where you can find it!

craft beer advent calendar

This last one is me being a little cheeky. I am not a massive fan of beers but I am a fan of drinking and dancing – if you are too then this may be the one to sweeten your man up, just in time for him to buy you some last minute gifts! I thought this idea was lovely – and when I was doing all of my research for this post I was asked by my man if these alternative advent calendars were inclusively for women. He was a bit excited when I showed him this one! A beer every day for 24 days, then Christmas? Who wouldn’t be happy with that! Treat your man, brother or dad to this and you’ll be on the nice list for years to come!

Craft Beer Advent Calendar – £75

Find it here and never look back!

Christmas is, after all, the season of good will and most importantly – TREATING YOURSELF!! So take a look at these, there are lots out there to choose from! These are my top picks!

And, while you’re at it, why not buy yourself a cheap chocolate one too!?