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Autumn Date Ideas

Baby it’s cold outside. The wind is howling, the rain is hammering down and you’re feeling less than inspired to venture outside. All that effort you’ve put into smoothing your locks to perfection a and contouring within an inch of your life will wasted in this weather. So what do you do? You come over to the dark side and do what all us cool kids are doing these days … Staying in! In Autumn, staying in is the new going out. Now, I’m not talking just chucking a movie on and sitting on your phones, oh no! That’s not what Friday and Saturday nights are for! I’m talking date nights, on the cheap, indoors and chilled! Here’s my guide to Autumn Date Ideas!


First idea comes from my special beau indoors. He always surprises me on rainy days and miserable weekends with no money and no hope of sunshine for blog photos with the most sweet and cutest indoor picnics.

Many a time I’ve come downstairs to find out blankets strewn onto the floor, seen glasses of wine newly topped up sitting precariously on coasters on the floor and the picnic has started with my favourite foods and cute nibbles like salami, cheeses and crisps.

It is cheap but oh so effective! You could even go so far as to make a proper dinner and eat on the floor like you’re on holiday! My ultimate night in date for Autumn is the indoor picnic… You’re forced to see each other and laugh about silly stuff!


Another great Date Night indoors is to set up a play list on your laptop/iPod and go through silly songs that mean something to you individually and the pair of you. We usually do this on YouTube, one person picks one song and then you take it in turns. It sounds pretty naff but honestly try it! It’s always a default for us, we start it half heartedly then before you know it we’ve sunk a bottle of red and we’re laughing our heads off about awkward teenage angst and that night when you that girl from school tried to have a go at you. It’s hilarious! It’s also a great chance to get to know each other again. I know that sounds silly as if you’re together you should probably know each other well but when life gets in the way, in our case mortgage payments, new jobs, families to juggle and all of the inbetween, it’s sometimes hard to remember why you like each other! Try it, you’ll love it!


When it’s tipping it down outside there is nothing better than getting your comfies on and snuggling on the sofa. Make a blanket fort, get snacks and put on your favourite film. Ban the phones and actually watch it together! Order take out if you must, drink some wine if it tickles your pickle! A night in doesn’t have to be boring… When was the last time you actually watched a really good film?!


Life all else fails… And in my house his is the last resort! Get out the board games. The reason this is the last resort for me and my love is because he takes it so bloody seriously he takes no prisoners when all you want to do is count your Monopoly money and lull yourself into a state of illusion. He won’t have that! Monopoly in our house goes like it used to with my brother and sisters… Board flipped over, pieces all over the floor and a huffy girl!

Pone way to spice it up, which we do to appease me (I’m a princess in case you didn’t already clock) add a little booze. Put on the music channel or movie behind the game and every time they say a certain word, drink. It will make your night go quicker and your ultimate aim to winning Monopoly silly so you’ll enjoy yourself.

On on the note of drinking games, I’m thinking of showing you an insight into my I’m a Celeb drinking game which is coming soon… Maybe to be shown very soon!

Will you try any of these Autumn Night In ideas?




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