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Autumn/Winter Best Boxsets P1

So, in case you haven’t heard, staying in is the new going out. Yep, put your Loubs and glittery clutch bags away and get your blankets and fluffy pjs out. You’ll be pleased to know that I take my job as a blogger ever so seriously and for this post did lots of research to ensure I was giving you the best information for the best box sets to veg out in front of this Autumn and Winter. Enjoy my Autumn/winter Best Boxsets!

*I am trying my hardest not to give any spoilers away but be wary for some that might slip through the net*


American Horror Story isn’t a new show but it’s one I’ve only just had the chance to stumble upon. It’s massive and it’s everywhere. If you’re on Twitter you’ll no doubt have seen millions of tweets about this show – some so cryptic you’d have no idea it was a show!

The reason I’ve picked this awesome show for my list of Autumn/Winter Boxset is because it is some freaky shizz. I’ve only just started watching it and in true Rosie fashion, in one week I’ve finished a whole season and onto the next one. It is so addictive. I will try not to give anything critical away but you will follow a family who fall on tougher times and their journey through it with the help of outside influences. For hose who’ve seen the first season you’ll know how vague I’m being but I honestly implor everyone to watch it!

With brilliant actors and actresses you’ll be hooked like I was. What I loved about this show was how Halloween it felt (I started it Halloween week of course) but it transcends throughout the Autumn season! I love this show and it’s one I finish my dinner so quickly so I can sit down and watch it!

I will warn you though, if you are faint hearted or a bit jumpy it may not be for you. My lovely boy is super touch but jumps in it and it makes me run up the stairs to bed every night as if a monster is chasing me from behind!


If you’re an annoying human like me you’ll be singing this really annoying theme tune in no time! Orange is the new Blac is a staple for any twenty smothering to – I don’t know any hat haven’t at least seen one episode of this unique show. I have had heated debates over dinner and wine over whether I’m an Alex fan or a Piper fan (I’m actually neither, hence why the conversation goes on and on)!

The reason this show has made it into my Autumn/Winter box set is because of its latest season. It was everywhere. People could not stop talking about it and there was spoilers going out left right and centre. Luckily for me I kept my head fully buried in the sand and missed them all until I witnessed the storyline for myself.

This is such a good programme and if you’re worried your boy won’t want anything to do with it, you’re wrong! I asked many fellow bloggers if their boys enjoyed it before making my babe suffer and I was heavily reassured that he’d love it! And he did! Probably something to do with the explicit nature and well, the lesbian sex scenes. He was definitely a fan!


I LOVE Criminal Minds! It has always been one of my favourite shows, it’s one you don’t have to follow long winded and hard to keep up with story lines to know what’s going on. In the times before Netflix and the like it was hard to find the time and place for getting your gave shows all in one place. So Criminal Minds was perfect for me, I could miss three episodes on the trot and be able to fit right back in.

Pits a series that follow Behaviour Analaysis Agents in America and its brilliant. I feel like I could totally get away with murder after watching this show for years (sadly the only thing I can murder is any song in the shower)! The characters, though interchangeable, are loveable and you want them to be happy in their sorrows working with murderers, rapists and the like.

If you’re a crime nerd like me (fave book genre and I love anything crime thriller) then you’ll love this! And there’s plenty of hunks to get you through!

Part Two of my Autumn/Winter Boxsets picks is coming very soon! What do you expect to see on there?




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