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Forza First Impressions

January, I am loving you! Yes, at first it was a struggle; those dark and early mornings, the lack of dolla in my bank account and the desperate wish to book all manner of sun filled holidays did take over me. I’m only human and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But mostly this January I’ve been feeling motivated! Motivated to blog, motivated in my photography and motivated to get back onto a healthy lifestyle! Now, if you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know that I am a bit of a fuss pot! Nothing wrong with that, my mum says. I know what I like and when I like something I use it and trust it and why not! So, Forza are making yet another appearance on my little blog!

If you’ve not seen any of my Forza features before just hit this link!

I LOVE them! They are one of my favourite brands and one I buy myself when I’m not physically working with them. Their healthy lifestyle ranges are one I can bore you to tears about and I cannot help but LOVE everything they’ve put out so far!

Today’s Forza love in is a simple and shot feature of my First Impressions of their Slenderbind range. Something new that I haven’t tried yet so I am so very excited!

First Impressions? Love it! More Instagrammable packaging that is subtle enough to be popped into your handbag without causing a stir or strange looks (thanks for that guys). The packaging is jam packed with information and tips which is so helpful for a scatterbrain like myself!

A 5 day supply gives you a totally of 30 capsules. The box instructs that these fairly average sixed, soft capsules are to be taken around 15 minutes before any large meal. They are to be swallowed with lots of water and not left to fizzle and dissolve on your tongue.

The back of the box shows exactly how they work, binding anything in your stomach to make you feel fuller quicker and for longer.

My first thoughts?

For someone who rarely takes medication it can be daunting to think that I’ll go from minimal to at least six a day on Forza.

That I’d have to be really mindful about my eating times – something that is actually not a problem for me as I basically plan my day around what I’m eating, when!

The box promises to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy figure with regular use!

I cannot wait to start another Forza journey! I love this brand and have high hopes that I know will not be let down!

You can get your hands on Forza Slenderbind here!

Stay posted on the blog and my social media platforms to see how my journey goes!

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