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Christmas Homeware Picks

If you are anything like me at this time of year you’ll be secretly buying all the Christmas themed homeware you can get your penguin mittens on and hiding it ready to reveal to your boyfriend and pretend you had it for years and years. Sound familiar? Yep, that’s me too! I am a sucker for anything with fake snow, posing reindeer and cute penguins and luckily for us, so many stores are totally on board with helping us fill our homes with Christmas magic on every surface and space! Here are my top picks of Christmas Homeware from some gorgeous and amazing stores!


 First up are my picks from Matalan. An absolute staple of mine when it comes to home stuff and the changing of the seasons trend wise. I love Matalan and challenge any Matalan-snob to go in there and not buy ANYTHING!

xmas-home8 xmas-home7 xmas-home6 xmas-home5 xmas-home4 xmas-home3 xmas-homewares2

All of these are just so perfect for Christmas at home! I love filling my home with little bits that reflect myself and my relationship. All of these bits I can 100% see inside my home (shared with my lovely man) and in fact half of them have made it into my online basket. Oops!

I love anything to do with Penguins or anything with Penguins on them – Matalan has so many cute little bits that can be dotted around your home to be spied by curious guests at the Jolly season!

Bits with initials on are too cute and my home is filled with anything with mine and my babe’s initials on – cannot wait for the day I’m the same last name as him … hint hint!

xmas-home10 xmas-home9

Next is one of those stores I end up “popping” into and losing an hour and a half. I’m serious! It’s like a vacuum in there, or maybe it’s like shopping Narnia! Either way their homeware is unrivalled and oh so classy.

I love their dainty little bits that can be set anywhere inside your Christmas home come Grotto! Classy isn’t even the word when it comes to their accessories. While I am a lover of scented candles I’m always a tad dubious of a diffuser – however after circling this Christmas Tree one in Next last week while going on a crazy spending spree I fell in love!

Cushions are so perfect for Christmas – pop them out over the festive season and tuck them away when it’s over. They add that extra sparkle to your home!

xmas-home13 xmas-home12 xmas-home11

There’s a tradition in my house where my beau buys me a personal Christmas tree ornament every year to add to our tree – and H&M have smashed it out of the park this year with their homeware and tree ornaments! Pineapples were massive last summer and still this summer and I know a few bloggers who will go crazy at the Pineapple tree decorations! They make me want to book a Christmas getaway to somewhere super hot with lots of Pina Coladas!

Christmas is for sparkle! I love that H&M have injected so much sparkle into their homeware and I can see my house being filed with all of these gorgeous bits! So in love!

What would be in your Christmas homeware wish list?

Where will you be shopping for yours?




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