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Christmas Jumpers

Havin’ a holly jolly Christmas? You’ll need a little summin’ summin’ to set you apart from the other drunken, jolly people! But with what I wonder? Oh yeah, you gotta get yourself a Christmas Jumper! A couple years ago, these bad boys would have been the last thing lots of people would have been seen dead in. Remember Mark Darcy and that awful Christmas jumper? What a laugh we all had looking at it and mocking it. Now we’re laughing on the other side of our faces. Yes, the Christmas jumper trend is here to say! And thank the Lord for that! So, you lucky people, I’ve put together my favourite picks out there of Christmas Jumpers! Ho Ho Ho Ya fine self and Sleigh! (I’m loving the Christmas puns!)

xmas-jumpers3 xmas-jumpers2 xmas-jumpers

Matalan have smashed it when it comes to Christmas Jumpers for both girls and guys. My babe is a touch reluctant to wear anything too out there during the Christmas season so this pick for him is perfect!

Christmas is all about sparkle and pizazz and these female jumpers are all of that in one! I love that they all have hints of red in them but aren’t too garish and in your face – not everyone wants to be the centre of attention! (Not me, I always want to be the centre of attention. Any one else?)

Matalan Christmas Jumpers are such reasonable prices when it comes to lots of their gorgeous bits – be it homeware, footwear or Christmas bits, and their Christmas Jumpers are no different. Just over a tenner for a jumper you’ll wear twice to the pub, put away then whack out again next year. Bargain!

xmas-jumpers7 xmas-jumpers6 xmas-jumpers5 xmas-jumpers4

ASOS are constantly hitting the nail on the head when it comes to Christmas Jumpers! I love that they’re not fussed about being out there and a total sass pot this Sparkle Season! As soon as I saw the last two on the right I immediately sent a photo of them to my sisters and told them we HAVE to get them for Christmas.

I mean, come on! Whoever had the idea of making those two jumpers can officially take all of my money thank you and good night!

So much love for all of these jumpers. Thank the Lord for ASOS and their fashion forward thinking!

xmas-jumpers10 xmas-jumpers9 xmas-jumpers8

I love ASDA. It is not the most conventional store when it comes to clothing but for those work staples, under wear or fluffy pjs they are exactly what you need. these things are necessary but wont break the bank. Bargain Blogger through and through and I feel like Asda should not be pushed to the side on the case of Christmas jumpers.

These three picks are all perfect for the sparkly season! Again, the male version is non-descript and nothing too crazy for my shy boy!

The two female picks are so cute! I love a good penguin – I’m a sucker for fluffy and penguins so yassss!

I love Frozen and the middle jumper with an Olaf quote is so perfect for the child in me – my Christmas Jumper staple does actually say “Do you wanna build a snowman!” You’re all singing it now, aren’t you!?

Which is your fave Christmas jumper?




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