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£10 and under Christmas gifts


‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry! It’s also the season to spend and be spoilt. However, we don’t all have massive budgets and it can be a stress to find all those pennies to buy bits with. We all struggle with funds and this time of year is not exception! So, me being the Bargain Blogger I am, I have put together a little Gift Guide that hits everyone’s budget. Whether they’re gifts for Secret Santa or little treats for those close to you, enjoy my picks – I could buy them all for myself!

mata-gift-guide1 matal-gift-guide matalan-gift-guide

These little gems are all my picks from Matalan – a sacred place for at this time year! You can walk into one of their stores with no ideas for gifts and come out having made a considerable dent in your list! You will also end up splurging a little on yourself and having a little treat! Winner winner!

All of these gifts are under the £10 bracket and would suit any lady who loves beauty, fashion and cute things!

Love these gifts!

noths-gift-guide4 noths-giftguide3 noths-gift-guide2 noths-gift-guide

Thank the Lord for Not On The High Street this time of year! It is one of my favourite places to shop for unique and special gifts for people I love! Every time I hop on over there I end up finding something else for someone else and buying it straight away. It’s like a one stop shop for personalised gifts and amazingly unique things you never knew you needed but now can’t live without!

All of these picks are things I would be chuffed to receive for Christmas and I love how individual they are!

As you can tell, there’s a theme with my gifts and this Gift Guide – me and the people I love really enjoy a tipple and Prosecco is always top of the drinks list!

e5p-gift-guide4 e5p-gift-guide3 e5p-gift-guide2

So, you will never believe that these three amazing items are all a fiver! But, pick your jaw up off the floor and get your butt over to Everything £5! Seriously, you wont regret it.

Well you might. It always happens to me… I end up having a browse over there, just thinking of ideas, being nosey really. Then I spot all the 38573722 bargains and all of a sudden my online basket is full and I’ve paid and it’s already on its way to my house to be secretly received and hidden in my wardrobe!

I don’t go a week without going over there and buying something – not always for myself mind you!





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