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July Favourite Instagrammers

Ah July… the time of year when the sun should be screaming at you from it’s home in the bluest of skies! Did that happen? Nope! I think we had one day of full on sunshine, four days of spots of sunshine and the rest of the month was filled with hope and rain. Not so good for us but great for my monthly Instagram slot! This month my Instagram has been a delight filled with shots of ice cream, holiday snaps and amazing summer OOTD’s. It has been one of my favourite months to do this serial – summer really is my favourite time of the year and I can tell my fellow bloggers have embraced it too! Here are my top picks for July Favourite Instagrammers!

olivia deliciously floral

olivia instagram

So, first up is my little bud Liv. Now, I’ve been following Liv on Snapchat and Twitter for ages and find her to be so funny and she is just a beaut. She is pure hair goals! I only realised a couple weeks back that I wasn’t following her on Instagram – what a fool! If her Snaps and tweets are anything to go by, her Insta is going to be gorgeous! And I was right! Her effortless style is so clear to see and her precision when it comes to her photography is enough to make me jealous! Her gorgeous selfies do you her not nearly enough justice and I absolutely adore her style! Her clothing choices are amazing! I almost wish she was my cousin so I could steal her clothes!

g's world insta

gs world insta

Next on my July Fave Instagrammers is Geraldine. I absolutely love Geraldine’s blog and her style and eye for that perfect shot is amazing. She has such a natural talent for the natural shots that someone like me would be rubbish at. Her photos all signify a quietness to me. A moment where the essence of the photo is so pure. She should look into doing this for a living because her photos are so timeless and perfect – she would make a perfect Wedding photographer! I love the feel of her Instagram – it almost seems like she’s always on holiday! In love!

social snob instasocial snob insta2

Lastly on my July Favourite Instagrammers is Charlotte from the Social Snob. One of my absolute favourite blogs to read – if you want the most up to date shots of the best and most beautiful make up, this blog is the one for you! Her Insta is a thing of dreams! One of those Instagrams I’d have stumbled upon when I first started blogging last year and thinking it was pure goals. All of her shots are gorgeous and I am beyond jealous that she gets her hands on all of the newest and best make up! Glamour just oozes from every photo and her profile is GOALS GOALS GOALS!

Make sure you get following these amazing Instagrams! They will fill your feed with summer lovin’ and photography goals!




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