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Forza Hydratrim | Review

Ice clinking around in your glass … Holiday songs blasting out … laughter and selfies. That’s how we should all be spending our summer. We’ve earnt it!

This summer will be filled with all of these – and no weight woes or diet dramas, because you’re about to embark on a purple coloured journey that will change your regime forever! Forza Hydratrim. A slimming supplement. One so trusted and so reliable that it is about to get massive. You may remember last month my First Impressions post … well, my trial is up and my review is ready to go!


These little purple pills have changed my life! They promise a feeling of being fuller for longer -avoiding those five o’clock snacks that I get! They also promise to metabolise fat and carbohydrates. Too good to be true, I hear you say?

Well. there were some side effects.

forza flat lay

The pills are quite large. I am not used to popping pills and it was quite a lot to get used to. As in, six a day! Yep, two before breakfast, two before lunch and two before dinner. All to be drenched with gallons of water. Luckily, I drink water like a fish so that was no problem. It is a new habit you’ll have to get used to. Being a bit of a pill wimp, I did find it quite hard to swallow them. Lots of other Forza users have completely disagreed with me on this one – but hey, maybe I just have a small throat!?

forza marble

I also got a touch of heartburn on these pills – possibly because I’m not used to pills, possibly because I wasn’t drinking enough water.

Now for the good!

It took me a couple days to feel the benefit of these little purple pills but once I did I was transformed! I did feel fuller for much much longer – my five o’clock nibbles ended up being five o’clock drink of water. My breakfast became the largest meal of my day (Weetabix and fruit). My dinner became smaller and smaller and smaller – and I was still full at bedtime.

I didn’t stop myself from the odd treat. I still had a cheeky tipple with these pills and felt absolutely grand. I let a little more loose at the weekend as usual and still felt the benefits. I also exercised as normal and the results were great!

My skin has become so much clearer from drinking so much water!

forza spilt pills

While the scales tell me nothing extraordinary has happened, my clothes do! They are all fitting in all the right places and for once I haven’t lost weight on my assets – a curse for us curvy girls trying to do good! I feel as if I have lost inches off of my legs, waist and tum – much needed!

I am so chuffed with this product – it’s such a simple thing to do. No meal skipping, no silly diet plans, just pop your purple pills before each meal and be happy!

I absolutely LOVE Forza as a brand (I have worked with them before) and fully trust 100% the brand. This product is amazing. No, it is not a quick fix – you must stay healthy on these pills and not rely on them solely for weight loss! Healthy weight loss comes from moderation and regular exercise. This, for me personally, has been a kick start and a help to maintain gradual weight loss!


I recommend this product to everybody I know needs a little help when it comes to snacking and trying to be good. I also only recommend this product so that it is used in the correct way!

Thank you Forza!




1 Comment

  1. Lyndsey Lee
    October 28, 2016 / 8:53 pm

    Great to read your review rosie. I constantly battle with my weight as I’m a food addict! Been on these 4 days now n feel like my apetite hhad reduced so much! Not constantly thinking about food as I usually am and not craving chocolate and cakes either. Let’s hope they keep working for us both

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