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My Slim & Save Journey Part Two

Welcome back, this is the second instalment of my Slim & Save Journey. You can find the first instalment here! In my first post I gave you the low down on what Slim & Save is, where to find it and the basic jargon you need to know. In this post I’m going to be brave and share with you some of the lows and some highs that I’ve had in my first week using Slim & Save. I pride myself on always being honest, in life and in blogging, and this is one thing I am 100% going to be so that you can trust my review. This is not a diet or lifestyle change to be taken lightly. It will be hard and testing at times but if you stick with it, you’ll see results, I promise!


So, my biggest piece of advice for anyone about to embark on a very strict and extremely low calorie diet is to prepare yourself. Both mentally and physically. Your body and mind is going to go through hell and back in the process of your diet so it always pays to take some time to prepare yourself for what you’re getting yourself into!

Now, this does NOT mean you should fully treat yourself to a million Chinese takeaways, chips just because and one last binge down the pub. For me, it was the opposite. For a full week before starting my Slim & Save diet, I gave myself all sorts of timelines.

I made meal plans to start to shrink my stomach for the week run up; I started to take on extra amounts of water and vegetables as a sort of detox for my skin; once my Slim & Save packs arrived I sorted them into days and made clear meal plans and times of which I would take them; I got my mind frame correct into reminding myself of my ultimate goal and focusing on what I don’t want to feel/look like and how much healthier ill be once my diet is in place fully!

This diet really can be a mental torture, so you MUST prepare yourself! You also MUST be aware of the risks of doing such a strict diet.

A big thing that you NEED to ensure you do is drink plenty of water. As you can imagine, going from 2000 calories a day to just under 1000 is going to put a strain on your body, mind and wellbeing. You may get dizzy spells and you will definitely get headaches so you have got to stay hydrated and keep flushing yourself through with plenty of water!


For my Slim & Save Journey I chose to take the Lifestyle Plan.

The Plans

Lifestyle Plan (the route I chose to take) – 3 Slim & Save Packs consisting of a bar, a shake, a pack meal and a high protein meal everyday.

Simplicity Plan – 4 Slim and Save Packs consisting of one bar, two shakes, a pack meal and an optional Salad per day.

Simplicity Plus Plan – 5 Slim and Save Packs consisting of one bar, two shakes, a pack meal and a pack soup and an optional Salad per day.

The reason I chose to take the Lifestyle Plan was because I felt that I could trust myself enough to eat a regular meal each day without cheating. I also tried to change my outlook on food and not use it as a treat. However, I did find myself looking forward to my real meal each day. I mixed it up on a daily basis and found myself either having a lovely Naked Chicken Salad (naked chicken breast, 100g, cucumber and salad leaves 200g) for lunches and sometimes swapping it for beautiful things like Lean Pork Steaks, Chicken or Naked Fish with veggies like Broccoli, Spinach or Asparagus of an evening.

I really enjoyed the real meals and felt like my taste buds had been reset. Every thing that passed my lips tasted so beautiful and filling!

Come back for Part Three of my Slim & Save Journey where I’ll share some tips and some foodie tit bits!

You can find Slim & Save and start your journey today!




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