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A Letter To My Little Sister

This time of year is a brilliant time for reflection. It is a time for family, planning and love. It is also a time to have a think about what’s coming next. Coming soon will be Christmas and hot on its heels will be New Years Eve. With that will come new promises to be made. So I’m taking a little time out before it gets all sparkle crazy to dedicate this post as a letter of love and advice for my amazing and gorgeous little sister. It’s not meant to be too deep or crazy but I am so proud that I have this platform to share with you all – and I’d love to hear some of your letters to someone special to you!

Before I start I need to tell you all how much I adore my little sister. She is the best person in the whole wide world. She is the most kind and caring girl you could ever meet and she cares so much about everybody. Everyone could do with being a little more like Elle in life – the world would definitely be a more beautiful place!

A Letter To My Little Sister!

If I could give you one bit of advice it would be this: be you! Don’t ever change for anyone – I know you will roll your eyes at this because you’re 100% you but stay that way!

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. You’ll always be the person who laughs her head off at Friends and cries at Cold Feet and your innocence at life makes me smile everyday!

Love as hard as you can – get mad, be passionate, laugh crazily.

Be twenty fully! Live every second of being twenty and younger than me! Do those things I’m always naughtily encouraging you to do!

Enjoy your career and take every opportunity that comes your way no matter how silly or hard!

Get drunk – and not half a Peroni drunk and dribbling like me! Get tipsy on prosseco and fancy Port and go wild.

Dance to stupid songs and enjoy looking like a plonker!

Find yourself but take your time. I’m pretty sure we all know who you are already but take a little time to curve those edges and enjoy rounding them al by yourself!

My gift to you, other than being your big sister that has the best and most embarrassing stories saved up for your Wedding one day, is to be more like you! I endeavour to be like you every single day and I love you more than life itself. You’re the best human I know! And I love ya!





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