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May Favourite Instagrammers

This is one of my favourite monthly posts to do – a time for me to shout and celebrate some of my favourite creatives out there. And, a chance for you all to share in my love and hopefully get following them! This post is a monthly serial and has been taken so positively that it is a pleasure to write each month! All month long I am on the lookout for my favourite Instagramers of that month – it’s such a fun job to have! So, here it is, my May Favourite Instagrammers – enjoy!

 insta name little lauren insta

First up on my list of my May Fave Instagrammers has got to be my little Lauren! This girl’s insta and blog are just pure goals for me! I adore her girly style – her baking skills are out of this world. I mean she is Bake Off standard! And her posts are always to delicate and precise but just so her! I love how down to earth she is and what a truly nice person she is! Her photos are a thing of envy for me! I could never dream to be as amazing photography wise as she is! Please, check her out and get following!


insta white

Next up, is the amazing Kelsey! I adore her flay lays and her photography style is so relaxed yet effective. Some instagrams seem so fixed and rigid whereas Kelsey’s seems as if she’s just taken a quick photo and is sharing it with us all! I know she is very skilled and she does take a lot of time but her style is so effortless. Her blogging and Instagram photography is somewhere I would love to be with mine. I need a lot more practice though! Find her here!

may fave insta may fave

Third, I’m featuring the lovely Anna. I adore her photography and her posts are just so relateable! I love how her posts completely reflect her personality and she is just a normal girl! Her flat lays and product features are always on point and I always see her photos and want to buy whatever she is featuring! She is naturally talented and I would love to go to hers for a cuppa and a photo session! Get following her here.

may post

may g=fave

Lastly, on my list of Favourite May Instagrammers is Maria. Her photos always have that Parisian type style that is so sought after by so many at this point in blogging and Instagram. I adore her white wash images and how simple her photos look. She always seems to capture the perfect moment, the perfect product, the perfect shot … every time! I adore her style generally and her Instagram just oozes cool girl! Find her here!

So, that’s it for another month of Instagram. I am ALWAYS on the look out for the next month’s faves so get adding me here!




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