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Miss Beauty

Want a brand new range of make up that wont break the bank? Want to shop for that make up on your lunch break without being pressured into going into your overdraft? I have the solution for you! You may remember that a couple weeks back I posted a First Impressions post using the new beauty brand Miss Beauty find it here if you need a refresher! Well, in that First Impressions post, I promised that I would be trialling the make up and showing you the entire potential of the brand – and here it is! Enjoy!

Miss Beauty!

mb marble

miss beauty post

Foundation, good foundation, is hard to come by for someone like me with such a strange complexion/colour. I am ghostly white in the Winter and as soon as the Sun appears I turn into a Spanish senorita! It can be so tricky to find a good colour match for me but Miss Beauty’s foundation did just that! The texture of it was lovely and lightweight without being greasy! Perfect for your summer make up!

miss beauty

I used the lovely matte light weight powder to set my look before going on to contour – I LOVE to contour! If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know it’s one of my fave beauty trends out there, so I couldn’t resist using these base make ups to contour and get the full effect!

miss beauty selfie

I love how the foundation and powder really set the look without my face feeling tight or constricted. It felt luxurious, the same way make up from a high end brand might do! My complexion was evened out and people couldn’t believe my face that night was worth £1 per item! I am such a bargain blogger (and proud) that I was chuffed that so many people agreed with the look of the make up and were so impressed with the price!

mb mascara

The mascara was a magic all of its own. A waterproof mascara with quite a thin brush and grip on the bottle to stop excess mascara clumping up your eyes. When I first saw this item, I wasn’t blown away. The packaging of both the foundation and the powder were impressive, a gorgeous matte black that would be at home on my dressing table. The mascara however didn’t jump out at me. Well, how wrong was I? This mascara separated and elongated all of my lashes so much so that people thought I was wearing false eye lashes! My lashes are quite long naturally but this eye make up switched it up so that they looked thicker and well taken care of! It also holds its own in the waterproof stakes. When trialling this mascara I went to a comedy night where I proceeded to cry with laughterdid I look like a panda? Hell no!

miss beauty look

I LOVE Miss Beauty!

It has found itself to be one of my firm favourites when it comes to summer make up – a brand I can trust and one I WILL be taking away with me on holiday! Its packaging guarantee it has a place on the prettiest of make up tables. It’s lightweight and simple effect mean that it would suit lots of different looks. The simplicity and mainly the price mean that it can be paired with a contouring look or something a little more drastic – but it holds its own as a firm make up brand I would happily wear this brand of make up to work, on holiday … anywhere really! A new favourite for my blog and for me personally!

Miss Beauty will be available at your local Poundworld shop very soon for a steal of £1 per item! Get down there fast as these gorgeous pieces will be flying off the shelves!




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