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Skinny Tan

What’s the best summer feeling? If the first thing that comes t your mind is being sizzled on cocktails then you are my new best friend hola at me visitors of my blog will know I am cocktail queen and pure summer bean!! Seriously though, the best Summer feeling? It’s got to be that just-got-home-from-holiday glow and I’ve-finally-kicked-my-butt-and-got-my-summer-body?! Us poor girls, we really put ourselves through it, dieting all winter, working out whenever we can crowbar some time in and then in the summer all we want to do is enjoy the results! So, how would you feel if I told you I’ve found a little cheat? All the results, minimal effort! two words for you … Skinny Tan.

skinny tan

I can almost hear the eye rolls from behind my laptop, but honestly, this a product you NEED to get your hands on for a perfect summer! This amazing product tans your skin, enhances contour and is line smoothing. I do not know how the loves over at Skinny Tan have managed it – hence why I had to get my hands on some to trial for you lot! But in all seriousness people, this could forever be your summer saviour! That isn’t even the best bit! For a long time I smelt like Bisto and biscuits … nope I wasn’t trialling another diet trend. I was fake tanning and I stank! Not even a fruity smell, that familiar smell of sweat, gravy granules and biscuits that have been in the sunshine a bit too long.

Come on people, we’ve all been there! I’ll be the first to admit I was a bit tan-tastic in my late teen years but I thought I looked great! Looking back at photos now is absolutely hilarious (I wasn’t that bad but Caribbean dark in December isn’t very subtle now is it!) But the thing I remember the most was that dreaded smell! And it is gross!

Skinny Tan has none of that! Seriously! This amazing product smells only of coconuts and summer! Even a couple days after application, the smell doesn’t fade into rotting biscuits or mouldy gravy – I have been a Coconut Queen for over a week now!

People literally cannot help getting a whiff of me and asking what shampoo or body spray I use. Their faces when I tell them it’s fake tan! You need to buy this product for this fact and this fact only! Finally, your New Years Eve will smell of vacay and coconut rather than that week old Christmas Dinner!

skinny tan flatlay

Skinny Tan is made with all good stuff. They boast the use of naturally derived tanning actives – the main reason that horrible fake tan stench has been eradicated. It is also a brand that has seen a major boost in popularity recently. It appeared on Dragons Den and was highly sought after for high investment.

The thing I ADORE about this amazing product is that it takes all the good bits you’ve got, the not-so good bits we all have and want to keep under wraps and transforms them into almost flawless looking tanned skin.

I’ll be brave and admit that at the grand old age of 24 I have cellulite – in fact, I’ve had cellulite on problem areas for years. And, as much as I strive to be that uber positive body confident person, I have down days and wobbly bits that not even my boyfriend gets to see! I am, after all, just a normal girl that enjoys cocktails too much! However, using this product has helped me embrace those areas I try to pretend don’t exist. They smooth out those areas and make them look so much better! OK, I’ll never be flashing all my bits all at once anymore but this product sent my body confidence sky high! What more could you want from a simple bottle of self tanner!?

skinny tan selfie

I have completely fallen in love with this product and know that come those long, drawn out Autumn and Winter months, this little product will become my saviour! The tanning mitt I was sent is so soft and machine washable, another bonus! All I need now is a contraption that helps me tan my back independently rather than calling on my annoyed boyfriend!

The Skinny Tan website is so user friendly and although the packaging hasn’t fallen in with the minimalist or metallic trend that has been big this summer, I like how individual it is. its blue and white stripes remind me of summer holidays as a child where cellulite and wobbly bits weren’t a worry and all I cared about was running into the sea with my sisters. A perfect metaphor for the freedom this product has given me!

Get your hands on this AMAZING product by clicking the link!




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