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Beauty Most Wanted

If you had to pick one or two brands online or on the high street that you loved because of their consistency and ethos, who would it be? What would you make you love them so much? Would it be the luxurious product with a reasonable price tag? Or would it be that they are at the forefront for leading the way when it comes to cruelty free and vegan products!? In case you haven’t twigged who I’m talking about yet, it’s got to be The Body Shop and AA Skin Care! Two brands that are amazing with brilliant products and companies that I always find myself going back to! I have put together a list of my Beauty Most Wanted for you to enjoy – so here goes!

Beauty and skincare go hand in hand – especially in blogging and I was stoked to get my hand son both of these bits by two brilliant brands!

First, let’s discuss hair care. I have long, dark tresses that tangle like no one’s business, which isn’t helped by my lack of brushing. I do try very hard to take good care of it and I know I could try harder. However, when these amazing AA samples landed on my door step, my hair changed!

I was so excited to use them that I instantly ran upstairs and washed my hair like the Little friggin’ Mermaid!

And almost as soon as I’d lathered my long locks, my hair instantly felt soft and silly! Not to mention the smell! The scents and smells coming out of these little sachets is enough to fill anyone’s bathroom over and over!

Once washed, I actually brushed and treated my hair to a full on blow dry (performed by myself so no bouncy Essex blow dry but still better than leaving it wet and sticking it on top of my head like a pineapple that I usually do!) and style!

My hair was so workable and soft and it held it’s style for ages. I really try not to wash my hair very often to keep it healthy and not wash the natural oils out of it and after using AA I was able to leave it (with the help of some dry shampoo, of course) for an extra few days and it still looked beautiful!

Definitely, a Spring Beauty Most Wanted!

Now, let’s talk about the amazing presence on the high street that is changing the way so many beauty lovers are buying and using their make up and skin care.

The Body Shop.

A pioneer in beauty, cruelty free and vegan goods that manage to do them in style, on budget and beautifully!

The Almond Milk range is one I was willing to fight for for this post! I had to get my hands on it for myself and for you lovely loyal readers!

And I wasn’t disappointed! What a gorgeous range! Filled with the most delicious smell that will have your skin going from scaly and neglected to rich and smooth! An absolute WIN for this time of year. It’s a transition for skin – it’s getting warmer outside, we are showing our skin to that big round ball of heat that we’re not used to! We’re coming out of hibernation and doing it in style!

I LOVE the Almond Milk range it is amazing!

Big Beauty Must Have!

What would be on your Beauty Most Wanted?




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