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Revolutionary Make Up Removal

Beauty addicts, I’ve found the HOLY GRAIL in make up removal! If you’re addicted to beauty like me but suffer with sensitive skin and lack of time, you’ll LOVE this post! When you find something as kind to delicate skin, as thorough and as popular, you’ll be onto a Revolutionary winner like me!
So, what is this Revolutinary Make Up Removal product?
The ONLY one I use now, it’s Nivea’s incredible Micellair Water!

I have to wear at least some make up everyday, I try to tone it down on weekdays and work days – I ride my bike to my office as it’s not far from where I live. This means that on work days I avoid mascara as much as possible. But generally, I wear almost a full face everyday.
I like wearing make up. I am fortunate to have clear skin – when I was a teenager I suffered with the odd bit of acne and some very angry looking under the skin spots and blemishes; as an adult I rarely suffer with massive breakouts unless Aunt Flo comes for a visit!

But just because my skin is clear most of the time, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to take care of my precious facial and neck skin when removing the make up I wear each day.

For me, make up removal is just as important as priming my face before make up application. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know that I have some firm favourites when it comes to primers and skin preparation before make up – so removal should be just as important!

Nivea’s Micellair water is incredible. There is no other word for it. It’s soft, it’s gentle, it really gets into the nooks and crannies of your skin and it cleans your face without leaving you looking like you’ve had a run in with an oil slick!

This little gem of a product removes even the most stubborn of make up. I use only a damp cotton pad and a little drop of the Micellair water, it lathers slightly and then you’re good to go!

A little goes a long way with the micellair water and it really feels like it cleans your skin thoroughly! I use this every single night before my shower and always make sure I really wash my face in the hot shower too just so I am sure there is no build up of product.

Since using this Micellair water around 6 weeks ago, my skin is as clean as a whistle before I even put the shower on! Unlike some of the high street competition when it comes to make up remover, my face is clean in three swipes of my pad!

It’s so easy to use, so quick and so effective that I usually do it with a cup of hot chocolate in hand while half undressing and switching off my work laptop for the day.

It really is a lazy girls beauty dream!!

Nivea have all sorts of varieties of how to use the Micellair Water and when they brought out their Micellair Wipes, I was one happy girl!
These little wipes are some of the foamiest, soft and gentle wipes I’ve ever used on my face!
They lather up as soon as you pull them out of the packet and puff out to fill your face with dirt-grabbing powers that don’t leave your face feeling greasy or sore. 
When I use the wipes or the water my skin is soothed and happy – no red face or scratched up skin. I never have to over work the product, I never have to rub and rub it in, my face never looks like I’m flushed or angry.

The Micellair water and wipes just work so perfectly for me and my sensitive skin. They work with my super busy lifestyle and they work with my lazy but optimistic beauty regime.

In fact, since I’ve been using the range my evening skincare routine has halved – no more mental scrubbing, just a simple moisturise and serum before bed!

Shop the range here!


*Some items in this post were sent for review*


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