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Nivea For Christmas

‘Tis the season to buff, cleanse and shine!
But all in the best kind of skincare way! Yes, for Christmas this year, along with the beauty must haves I would like, I’d also like some time to pamper and relax. And, luckily with Nivea on my side, I will feel great, loo beautiful and feel amazing as we enter the Festive period! You know I love skincare, if you’ve visited my little blog before you’ll know that real well; so here is some end of the year Nivea skincare lovin’!
Nivea For Christmas!

I am a beauty and skincare blogger through and through!
For Christmas, I very rarely ask for clothing – unless it’s pjs and socks; at the top of my Christmas list every year is make up, high end and high street, make up removal, primers, setting sprays – you name it, I ask for it for Christmas!
Christmas for me is a time to play with my new make up, do make overs on my sisters and generally talk to myself in the mirror and blog all about it!
Sounds terribly sad when I hear it back to myself, but that’s what tickles my pickle!

With the Nivea Pro Makeup Kit in my arsenal this Christmas, I am gonna be looking my best!
A gift set filled with some amazing beauty bits in great sizes – it smashes its high street competitors out of the water when it comes to pricing, product sizing and Christmas theme!

The Nivea Pro Makeup Kit is filled with:

3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes
24 Hour Moisturiser & Primer
Micellair Water
Urban Detox Mask

This gift set literally has your whole skincare routine all wrapped up in one! From pre-make up skincare to make up removal and lasting skincare health!
I adore Nivea’s infamous Micellair water – I have the original one as is in this gift set in a standard size, I have the black-coloured Micellair water, both in full size and too minis, and I also have the Micellair removal wipes. I am ADDICTED!
I have never known make up removal like it! It genuinely is revolutionary for me and my skin!  I wont use anything else to remove make up now!

Whenever I use Nivea wipes, my skin shines! My skin is happy, healthy and cared for with Nivea’s super soft and gentle wipes! 

The 24 Hour Moisturiser and Primer are INCREDIBLE!!
You may already know that I constantly go on and on about primer, prepping your skin before make up application and taking care in every step of make up application.
My love of primer is probably a bit much! But, with this one on side, Nivea have stepped up the over-night skincare of a primer, the longevity of a primer and how amazing my skin can feel from one application of this luxuriously thick and creamy moisturiser and primer!

The amazing thing about this set, other than the lovely items included, is that it all comes in a make up storage stacker!
I currently use one of these to store and show my massive nail varnish collection. All of my beautiful make up is hidden away in numerous make up bags, in blogging areas or in my beauty drawers. It’s time to unleash alllll of my beautiful make up, dust them off and show them to the world!

All I want for Christmas this year.. yep, you guessed it: Nivea, please!

Shop the gift guide here!



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