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Winter Skin Care | Skin Chemists

Rose Gold is everywhere right now! I’m a blogger I should know! Every shop you go into and in every homeware shot you see there is a rose gold something or other and I love it! It’s a trend everyone can get on board with and one that is so stylish and can be done so easily! So, when The Skin Chemists approached me recently to feature another one of their amazing skin enhancing products I jumped at the chance – especially because this features a gorgeous Rose Quartz serum!

The Skin Chemists are one of those brands I was dying to work with for months and months when just before Christmas last year they approached me to work on a High End Gift Guide. If you didn’t catch it, find it here! 

When they contacted me recently I was so excited to work with them especially when I heard what they had in store for me!

The gorgeous Rose Quartz Facial Oil is everything. You know me, right? I’m as honest as they come! I don’t put something up on my blog if I don’t 100% believe in it! I am nothing if I’m not honest and sometimes that has got me into trouble but it’s what I stand by and it’s what I prise myself on.

So, please believe me when I say: this is the BEST thing I have EVER used on my skin!

I used this product once, late on a sunday night after a long week and a long day of blogging. My skin is damaged from the winter weather and lady problems. I’d just hopped out of the shower into fluffy pjs and I dripped a touch of this Rose serum on my hands to spread all over my face. It wasn’t greasy and it didn’t settle for long. I could literally feel my pores eating it up! My face didn’t feel crackly or sore and slipped off into a slumber ready for another Monday morning.

So, Monday comes and I wake up to the plumpest, softest and most moisturised face I have ever felt on myself! I was so shocked, my face literally did not feel like my own. Those trouble areas of oily skin were smooth and with not a sight of residue. The dry and sore parts were soft and not falling away! The whole feel of my face was one of amazement!

The Rose Quartz Oil is so easy to apply. It comes in a cute little bottle showing all the rose in all its glory. It also comes with a pipette style applicator. So easy for application, either straight onto your hands or onto a Beauty Blender. I literally drop three droplets onto my clean hands and rub it into my face in circular motions. If I need some more I drop one or more bits onto my hands and spread all over. I was always told that moisturising your neck is so important to keeping skin looking young and healthy so that’s always my first port of call when it comes to my skincare regime!

This is literally the best product I have ever had the pleasure of using!

I cannot tell you how much I love this product and how much I love using it. My skin is glowing, plump and so smooth and I have had nothing but compliments!

Please go and try this product out for yourself, you will NOT regret it!

You can find Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Facial Oil here!





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