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Kisses for Valentine’s Day

Ladies, (and gentlemen) this Valentine’s Day treat your fine selves! It’s supposed to be the most romantic night of the year; candles, cards, flowers and dinner. And a little bit of puke in my mouth. If, like me and my beau, you don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, this post will be right up your street! Love yourselves – whether you’re single, seeing someone or settled down. Put some love into yourself and love will come back at ya! And with this cheeky little feature you’ll be all about lovin’ yo’ fine self!

I’ve hooked up with Kiss Nails (again, find previous posts here!) to help you nail that French Kiss look!

What is more classic than a gorgeous French Manicure to help you feel sexy and help that person in your life get racy! I love nothing more than getting my nails done, but hello! it’s the middle of winter, we’ve all only just been paid and we’re so poor!

So, the legends over at Kiss have made the easiest and sleekest false nails out there right now! And you can get them on a budget!

These Frenchies are oh so easy to apply too! Just get yourself settled on the sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket and follow these instructions:

Wash off any residue of nail polish from your nails

line up the correct nail sizes with your nails – if you need to file down the sides for a perfect fit, you go ahead!

apply from the pinky finger in – ALWAYS leave your thumb nails until right at the end! Trust me!

apply a light layer of nail glue onto your nail and the inside of the false Kiss nail

use the tab to place them firmly onto your nail – try not to touch too much in case of glue residue/damage to the nail

give it a few seconds to set then twist and pull down the tab to release it

And that’s it! It shouldn’t take you an longer than ten minutes and literally as soon as the nails are firmly on your finger, they aren’t going anywhere!

These nails are so classic and gorgeous but don’t worry, Kiss have all sorts of different takes on a classic French manicure as you’ll be able to see in my photos!

I love this brand and I LOVE that the nails, if applied and taken off properly, do zero damage to your nails and you can wash off any residue and go on with your fine self as soon as you’re done!

So, do something a little different this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself, make yourself feel beautiful and sexy and have a great night!

You can get your hands on all of these French Manicure and Kiss products here – and you can find them in your local Boots stores!

Slay this Valentine’s girls!




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