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Sunglasses Hot List Summer 16

Although it doesn’t feel like it, Summer is on its way! Spring is shining through those dark clouds and soon will be time to dig out your sunglasses and shine them up ready to flaunt your stuff!! If you know me at all, you’ll know I LOVE sunglasses! I have so many pairs and I am addicted to buying more and more and adding them to my collection! So, here’s my Hot List of sunglasses for Summer Sixteen from some of my favourite stores!


Fist up up is one of my absolute fave new stores that I stumbled upon through blogging! Jewel Boutique is a new store with so much beautiful stuff!! Their sunglasses are out of this world! Because they’re still a fairly new store you’ll need to order through their social media channels but it will be well worth it! Here’s just a couple of their lovely sunnies that I’ve picked out for my Hot List! 

I love the frames on these gorgeous sunglasses. This type of frame will be so popular this summer and the mirrored lenses are gorgeous. Imagine taking the perfect selfie with these bad boys!


These frames are very similar but a little different in colour. Again, you can see that this style is very popular and it will be everywhere this summer! I am loving the metallic look and the mirrored lenses and I love how they sit on the face. I can see lots of gorgeous girls wearing these types of sunnies – and I can see that they would suit almost every face shape!


Who doesn’t love an aviator style? My ultimate choice when it comes to sunglasses. They are timeless and classic and almost anyone can pull them off! I love this style and again the mirrored effect is gorgeous! I love the dainty frames and how lightweight these seem. They are perfect for lazing by the pool or for serious posing sessions!


These are out of this world!! I LOVE these gorgeous sunglasses! The rose gold tint with the larger frames are everything I want in a pair of glasses for this summer! Bloggers know that rose gold is everything right now so if you blog, get your butt on this site and buy as many pairs of these as you can! Just gorgeous!! I adore these shades!


Another gorgeous throwback to the rose gold trend that has exploded in the fashion world recently! The silver frames matched with the rose gold lenses are just divine. So gorgeous. I love the dainty wire effect on the brow part of the sunglasses and the larger frames are amazing. I love how wide the sides are too, channeling your inner feline!


Plastic one in my Hot List from Jewel Boutique, these gorgeous shades! I love the style of the frames and the colour of them. They are just gorgeous. All of the sunglasses I’ve featured from Jewel Boutique in the they are mostly similar in style – think chrome, silver and uber stylish. But the look just works!! I don’t know about you, but I am in LOVE!

Next up, I’m featuring sunglasses from one of my favourite stores, again, cheap ass sunglasses. They are a lovely company and their sunglasses are so plentiful and stylish that picking only one would be impossible!


So, obviously, I’ve started with a banger! These gorgeous cheetah print frames with the grey round lenses are superb! The days of leopard print being associated with Peggy Mithcell and Kat Slater are over! Now, with a pair of these on, you’ll be the hottest girl in town!


Similar style to the gorgeous Cheetah glasses, these Midnight Arists are s lovely shape and frame. I am loving the round lenses, I always envy those stylish girls who can pull off the round, hippy type shades! Hopefully, that will be me this summer!


imageWhen I saw these sunglasses, I fell in love. In fact, these gorgeous sunnies gave me the idea to produce this post! I adore the feline shape of the frames and how good and dainty they are. I love the lense colour and how timeless it feels. It shouts to me of throwbacks to the Audrey Hepburn days but with a modern twist. Gorgeous!


Another amazing frame and metallic lense! Did I tell you this look would be everywhere this summer? I love that the frames are kind of wiry but such a clear silver pop!


Lastly on my Sunglasses Hit List are these gorgeous pink sunnies. I love pink and I am certainly a girly girl. Often my style doesn’t represent that but these gorgeous sunglasses would definitely compliment the inner princess, unicorn riding pink lover inside of me! I love how simple they are and how the colours juxtapose each other. They scream summer!!

Which ones des would you put on your Sunglasses Hot List?





  1. May 5, 2016 / 10:15 am

    Oooo I absolutely love the Fergie pair. I’m planning a holiday for September and can you believe it – I don’t own one pair of sunglasses! I better get these on my shopping list!


  2. May 5, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    Love the Midnight Artists sunglasses, they’re gorgeous!!!

  3. May 5, 2016 / 5:22 pm

    Oooh, a stunning selection! I’m actually swooning over those Purple Rain frames, they’re so gorgeous! I always get sunglasses envy because I usually can’t wear them because of my regular glasses, it makes me want to get back into wearing contacts just so I can have that summer aesthetic 😉

    Roisin x

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