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Lean Greens | Review

Summer is definitely on its way! The sun is starting to shine and those who worked hard in the winter are starting to see results with their summer bodies. If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know that I have struggled to find any motivation for my exercise routine but I think I’ve finally found the missing secret. A couple of weeks ago you may have seen my Lean Greens First Impressions post. In there you’ll see what arrived ready to kick start my fitness. Here is the round up! Enjoy my Lean Greens Review. 


No, this is not a fad diet, meal replacement, detox tea. We all know I’m not the biggest fan of some of those. These little heaped tea spoons of green goodness promise to replenish the well needed goodness your body sometimes goes without.


It it doesn’t effect your body in too much of a harsh way. You aren’t stuck needing to be next to the toilet for a month to get any slight results; you don’t have to skip meals or starve yourself. All you need to do is add one heaped tea spoon of Lean Greens to cold water every morning before breakfast. And that’s it. No really.

Within a month of using this product, the results have been insane. I have so much more energy, I am far less bloated – which means my clothes are fitting much better. Yes, it has contributed towards me losing weight but not in an unhealthy way. I have been more aware of my diet, for example what I should be putting into my body (excusing those cocktails at the weekend) and as a result I’ve managed to lose a couple of pounds. 

The people over at Lean Greens contributed this loss of bloating to healthier bowel movement (sorry) and this has definitely been the case with Lean Greens.

I have also had a boost of energy in the mornings from using the product. At first, the taste of the Lean Greens was a little difficult to stomach – it’s a far cry from a bacon sandwich or coco pops. But once I started seeing the results the couple of seconds of unpleasantness was easier to stomach. And like my lovely mum always said, if you keep trying something you’ll end up liking it. And that is definitely what’s happened!!

What first resembled fresh cut grass now feels like my morning boost before my fruit and healthy day!

I could not recommend this product enough and my boyfriend and sisters have all started using it as a result of me reviewing it. It is so healthy and oh so easy. You literally have to allocate three minutes of your morning to drinking it and you’re done. No skipping meals, no ridiculous crash diets. It just works!

You can find Lean Greens here.

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