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Summer Cherries

What does Summer taste like to you?

Strawberries form a day of picking them in the sunshine; apple slices tart from being soaked in Pimm’s in your garden; chocolate ice cream that’s warm and melting; cherries, rich in flavour, sour and popping in your mouth!

CherryActive is my new go-to Summer drink and it’ll be yours too! I very rarely post products on Instagram out of order (I’m a blogger and I’m obsesseive ok? I post on a strict timeline). So, when I post a product out of particular order, you know it’s special. This is the Instagram photo that caused the stir…

Yes, this little snap caused a few ripples for my little blog and for the amazing people over at CherryActive. Their PR team is second to none, by the way!

So, what is CherryActive? It’s a delicious Cherry supplement filled with antioxidants and all the good stuff needed to replenish and maintain a healthy balance in life. In the summer, I tend to over do it a little. My summer is always filled with BBQs, dinners out, lots of day drinking and Beer Pong in the sunny garden until dark. So, I need to top myself up in the week with all the goodness from something like CherryActive.

Whilst the product itself is super sweet on its own (you’re supposed to dilute it and only a 30ml serving hits you with the same antioxidants of 23 fruit and vegetables!)

You can get the amazing CherryActive in capsules but I prefer to fill up my huge cup with ice, ice cold water and sip my way through the day knowing I am slowly but surely filling myself up with all the good stuff I need.

It is totally guilt free and easy to do – it’s a no brainer!

For anyone who needs a little boost, this juice is perfect! It’s so easy to have and it makes you feel so much better in no time at all. I am not one to blow smoke up your butt for no reason, so let’s get personal…

I am quite an anxious person. I am the biggest worry wart going. If there is something to worry about, I am! I’ve always been the same. Catch me on a bad day and I am so tearful and down. I am also completely the other way and can be the happiest person you could ever meet.

While I personally don’t think my anxieties and worries warrant medication (I inherited it from my Mum who now her children have grown up and are independent, has settled into the most chilled person ever), behind closed doors I can struggle. Sometimes I find it hard to get to sleep for worrying. Over Christmas I had silly worries that would wake me up at night. I’d be woken up by what I thought sounded like a train running through my bedroom but was only in fact my heart beat in my ears. I can get really tearful and insecure about silly things and I am just a normal girl in her mid twenties trying to navigate life, careers, friendships etc.

So, you can see that sometimes I find sleeping a tricky task, sometimes staying awake is hard work. Sometimes I don’t feel well in myself or right or even well balanced. 

I opened my box of CherryActive with an open mind and for the purpose of my blog I do rigorous testing and research. 


Since trying CherryActive – I have a large cupful once a day – I have been eased into sleep, I am less tired and I feel like I am putting good things into my body.

I feel zero guilt about what I’m consuming and I feel really clean, inside and out!

Like I said, I am no professional or doctor and I 100% don’t think my issues are even issues. I am just a crazy worrier, but since using CherryActive, these last few weeks, I have felt better!

It’s as simple as that – CherryActive has made me feel better!

You can get your hands on this amazing product, whether it be the juice or capsules or more, here!





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