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Say It In Initials

Letters and words are so important in life. The art of writing letters is slowly fading away with the growth of emails, social media and more. I love to write love notes and leave them around my house for my wonderful boyfriend to find and I know I am not the only one who still has a love affair with letters and hand writing. We don’t physically write enough but there’s a trend bringing back the old classics old writing, calligraphy and lovely lettering.

The initial trend.

It’s everywhere … my phone is encased with a marble case emblazoned with my world’s initials. Our house is covered in pillows that say D&R. We have candles, flower pots, wooden plaques … the lot. My lovely sister is buying for her future home and she has the letter K everywhere (her and her amazing man have the same initial, obvs). My mum spends her days sending me photos of dainty bracelets and necklaces that I can personalise to my own style with the initials I love. Bloggers everywhere are branding their items with their blog names and initials and I friggin’ love it!

To decorate something with a monogram of yours or your lover’s initials is at the top of my Christmas list, every year!

So, here are my picks of the best of the bunch out there right now!


Matalan are a savvy shopper’s dream! Need home ware that’s durable but wont break the bank?

Head to Matalan.

Their stores are brilliant but I personally spend most of my time shopping online with them – call me lazy, but I’m the real winner! Shopping with no bra on!? WINNER!

Matalan have nailed the initial trend and I find myself filling my basket with their lovely bits. Their ranges are so easy to buy and place in your own home or those of the ones you love. It’s actually my first stop for budget buys and you can see why!

Getting Personal is one of those online streams I find myself pouring over constantly. They hit all the right buttons for me with this trend. I love that their bits aren’t all just following one motif. Yes, I LOVE marble but someone like my Mum isn’t going to.

I love their candles and dainty gems and everything they produce is such good quality! They are my one stop shop for easy personalised bits for special occasions without breaking the bank!

If you’ve read my blog before, especially on the run up to Christmas, you’ll know I have a deep love for the amazing Not On The High Street!

This site is my haven, a heaven for me to go imaginary shopping and a real danger to my bank account. Their catalogue gets sent to me in the post and everytime it lands on my door step I can hear my boyfriend grown from upstairs. 

It is the best place to buy anything. Ok, maybe a slight over egg there but I spend almost all of my Christmas budget there getting my loved ones amazing gits that are so unique and cute! Their bits are ALWAYS a hit!

I’ve never had a bad shopping experience with them and their take on the initial trend doesn’t disappoint either!

I LOVE the Jamie London necklace and have already asked for it for Christmas. And, YES I am aware that we’re only just past the middle of the year!


When it comes to leather goods and personalising products, Leather and thread are out of this world. I hooked up with Leather and Thread last year and got a great response from you all!

Their leather goods are such insane quality and the cute little touch of adding your initials tips me over the edge into LOVE!

This coin purse is so perfect for me and the RBI branded into the back of it make it so personal and so special for me!

This is such a classy item and is perfect for my growing style and will hopefully reflect where my finances are going go … did I mention, I need to win the lottery?

Shop my Initials Picks here:


Getting Personal

Not On The High Street

Leather & Thread




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