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Bargain Spot Launch

If I could sum up my blog in one phrase it would be “Bargain Blogger”.

From the very first post that went live on my blog almost two years ago, it is the one title I am so happy to maintain! I have always maintained my roots of being a bargain hunter and staying a bargain blogger! So, when the amazing people at Bargain Spot got in touch with me about the launch of their new app I was thrilled and had to give it a little feature!

Bargain Spot is an amazing hub of all things fashion, homeware, electronics and so much more!

With brands like Calvin Klein, Boohoo and Currys it has literally become my go-to for all the best bargains going! If I want to buy ANYTHING I look on Bargain Spot first!

It is such a good website with everything laid out so simple and easy to use – I’ve even got my mum on it! This is the woman who didn’t realise that the blog link I send her in texts are just clickable! So, that shows you how simple Bargain Spot is!

So, recently I’ve gone a bit perfume mad (if you’ve popped over to my Instagram you’ll know) and I have been loving buying all new scents for Autumn. Sadly, this was before I had discovered the amazing Bargain Spot!

If I’d have known about the amazing Bargain Spot, I would have saved myself a TONNE of money. I’m talking around £70!

I am addicted to shopping and, as a blogger, I am continuously having to update my wardrobe and products to attempt to keep up with the trends. So, Bargain Spot could not have come at a better time for me!

This app being launched is the best thing that could have happened to my Christmas shopping (yes, I am that person, who starts their Christmas shopping painfully early)!

I think it’s safe to say that I am absolutely addicted to Bargain Spot and it is having dangerous consequences for my bank account!

To name but a few things I have seen (and not bought, just to cover me if my boyfriend is reading this!) are their amazing range of Converse! If you’ve been on my blog recently, you’ll know I am obsessed with Converse at the minute and, luckily being only a size three feet, I found some amazing bargains and crazy cheap prices on Bargain Spot!

The amazing thing about Bargain Spot is the ease of access and being able to go straight to where you need to be before you get caught online shopping again!

I am forever finding myself shopping by stores or brands rather than just casual browsing but you can do either!

I think my favourite brand page has GOT to be the Calvin Klien one… Bargain Spot have got everything from fragrance, fashion to accessories! I am addicted to CK fragrance and I always end up treating myself to their one or two of their accessories on my way too!

The amazing Bargain Spot is launching soon but you can shop away the bargains to your heart’s content by following this link!




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