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Leather & Thread

When you find something precious, unique and delicate – hold onto it! These qualities are so hard to find these days in a world where everything is disposable; Facebook statuses, Instagram posts and Snapchat stories … how long do they really last? The feel of something durable and real in your hand is something not to be taken for granted. If it’s been made with love and given that personal touch – even better! That’s where Leather and Thread come into it. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know I am all about the most gorgeous luxuries, that don’t have to break the bank, an investment into something personal and amazing! Leather And Thread completely 100% embody that!


 Leather and Thread – where do I start? A UK based company that makes specialised handmade leather goods, including bracelets, belts and wallets. A company that will let your worries about product worth float away like helium balloons. A company that is just so Instagrammable and precious – as soon as I opened my little package, I knew I was holding something special!


And, look how right I was! Inside my gorgeous package was a gorgeous leather bracelet strap in black and a tanned coin purse, so dainty and precious in every way! The feel of the leather is so soft and luxurious and the smell that filled my nostrils as soon as I opened my box sent me straight back to holidays as a child in expensive leather shops – wherein me and my 4 siblings got insane leather jackets just because. Mine was electric blue … I will not be providing photographic evidence but you can just imagine can’t you!


When I flipped over the little leather purse I almost cried when I saw my initials on the back! No words can compute how speechless I was! Such an intimate and personal touch that had tears fill my eyes! Such a beautiful, intimate touch – a feeling that I owned something of substance!


The thick, black strap like bracelet has been scored with the Leather and Thread logo and has a real sense of workmanship and labour – a lot of love and time went into making something that adorns your wrist and is on full display. It catches the eye of everyone around you and everyone who’s come across it has asked to try it on. From my brother who is much bigger than me to an older lady at work. You can tell that with the hard work and patience put into every piece of Leather and Thread repertoire that there is a deep story.

leather and thread package

I have fallen in love with Leather and Thread. Although their work isn’t conventional or something I’d usually go for, it is something I was so honoured to receive and something that I wear with pride. I get a lot of jealous stares from many for my initial imprinted coin purse!

You can find Leather and Thread here!

What do you think of the leather trend? Is it one you’ll be giving a try as we move into Autumn?




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