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No Such Thing As Too Much

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know all about the highlighting craze. It was foreseen by those make up Gods last Autumn with the starting of Strobing (if you’re not sure what this is, I did a post on it last year!) and contouring … but highlighting has blasted onto the make up scene and taken over it all! Now it’s totally cool just to smother your cheeks, chin and upper lip with the sparkliest and most gorgeous powders/strobe sticks in order to look like the tin man! Dreamy! I am personally a massive fan and was treated to a gorgeous highlight product when I left my job last month (sob) from the amazing Bobbi Brown! So here’s my review … and ladies, we all know, There’s No Such Thing As Too Much HIGHLIGHTER!

bobbi brown bag

So, first up, for me and many beauty bloggers out there, packaging is a massive part of the product! Eat this up with your eyes! So sleek and simple yet so clear what brand it is! I love the Bobbi Brown packaging so imagine my delight when I saw this headed towards me!

snap bobbi

Of course, inside is another gorgeously simple black box embellished with those amazing words any girl would love to hear! Simple but so perfect! And, SO Instagrammable! I love how heavy but sleek the product was and the gorgeous font on the label excited me when I found out that what was inside was the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder. I couldn’t wait to bust it open and Illuminate myself silly!

bobbi case bobbi brown case

This is part of their new line – as highlighting has gone mental these past couple months but I actually like the ivory coloured case. It is heavy enough to feel the price of it but lightweight and slim enough to be tucked into your make up bag or bag for a night out. It is a clip-able case – I’ve found that recently some brands are using more magnetic cases, but this case was so easy to open and I love the noise of it clipping shut. Reassures me that my gorgeous powder wont get lose and stain inside my designer handbag!

bobbi brown highlight


How gorgeous! This amazing little case is filled like a mini pallet! It is filled with gorgeously pale and shimmery pigments that are lightweight and soft! I swatched this gorgeous powder on the back of my hand and it lit up like a Christmas Tree! It caught the light so well and had a lot of staying power! Being a busy blogger, I’d forgotten about it once I’d got busy with other blog stuff and looked down at the back of my hand hours later to see that same gorgeous shimmer!

bobbi brown highlight4 bobbi brown highlight3 bobbi brown highlight2

This gorgeous product is just so photographable. It is an instant Instagram hit! I can’t wait to use it properly and put a look together for another post! From my first impressions it is an absolute WIN in the highlighting stakes:

it is long lasting

it is almost pearly and iridescent in colour

it literally pops with glitter

it is lightweight and doesn’t way you down

it’s really compatible with make ups from different brands – meaning it wont end up sliding down your face

its sits beautifully and doesn’t cake at all!

I am so in LOVE!

What do you think of Bobbi Brown? Would you try this product? What look would like me to show using Bobbi Brown?




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