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Harness Your Power

“If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion” Oprah Winfrey

You know what bugs me? I’ve got assets some people would kill for! I love them dearly and they’ve always been a part of me and, well, my personality but when it comes to dressing them up, or down, it is so damn hard! If you have no idea what I’m talking about then I’ll just put it all out there …  I have been blessed with a full rack! Yep, I could be a Hooters Girl (I wish, I’ve got enough of their merch!), I am a full-breasted, curly woman. BUT, and it’s a big but – I am forced to imprison them in floral, too-much-material bras suited for my lovely Nanny Pat! What the hell guys! Us larger breasted women are cursed with bra fashion that only a Nan would love! Or, are we? Enter the Harness Bra!

I LOVE them! I have had a few playful conversations with fellow bloggers (big breasted, normal breasted, breast enhanced and all of those in between) about Harness Bras:

how great they are

how pretty they look

AND, would they actually work on a woman with assets like myself!?

Ah, the many ponderings of us bloggers eh!? We do work hard, though, promise!

I was pleased to see that in the new trend of loving your body, strong vs skinny, exercise is trendy and Instagram and Tumblr is full of curvy girls embracing their ins and outs!

I was even more pleased to see brands and boutiques coming out with Harness Bras not only showcasing but celebrating their figures and the height of fashion! I found the Instagram store Harness Bras By DLT to be one of my favourites! A feed I am constantly coming back to and one I MUST resist buying from until the boyfriend leaves for work so there is no evidence! Here are some of their gorgeous Harnesses!

dlt harness bras 4 dlt harness bras 3

dlt harness brasdlt harness bras 5

harness bras dlt 2

I love this store and LOVE how these gorgeous pieces of intimate clothing are being shown off and celebrated. Yes, it is not to everyone’s taste and I’m sure my mum wouldn’t want me showing the world my hoo-has but I love how dainty and girly they are. All of the models for Harness Bras by DLT are full bodied, curvy and proud! And there isn’t a granny pant or overly floral under wiring disaster in sight!

To harness something is to “control and make use of” something … well harness bras are certainly making use of themselves here aren’t they!

I am probably going to buy every harness bra in sight in the next couple weeks as I can’t control myself and I have been swayed that they do in fact look amazing on the curvier girls!

The reason I’ve chosen to do a post on this is because I am so chuffed with how things stand right now body wise. I will never be a stick, hell I’ll never even be a log! I am built to be a curvy, hippy woman. My hips are wide, my thighs are thick and I have lumps and bumps. Yes, I have terrible days when I feel like I look like a potato and days where I work it. I am so pleased that even though these lovely models may not be completely real but they aren’t stick thin and ill-looking!

I implore you all to love yourself!

And with the help of gorgeous lingerie and clothing that enhance all your best bits – it gets a little easier!





  1. October 2, 2016 / 9:08 am

    Love the look of these. My boobs always seem to be too big to pull of these cute barely there lingerie pieces, but I’m gonna have to give these a try. Xx

    • Rosie
      October 2, 2016 / 11:28 am

      Same!! I think us fuller figured girls can defo pull them off!!

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