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Hello Autumn


Hello Autumn!

I can hear a collective sigh of relief at hearing those words. The blogging world has been a buzz of love for this gorgeous season for some weeks now – even in the midst of that heatwave when Summer was only just flexing its muscles!

Yes, that’s right; the blogging world is ready for Autumn and all it brings! I have hosted blog chats on Twitter and spent many an evening rambling on with my lovely blog friends about Autumn, how amazing it is and what we can’t wait for!

Sadly, the real world hasn’t quite caught up yet. Whether that is to do with this Indian Summer we seem to be having … heatwave in September – can’t count on the weather all year round, well until you’re absolutely sick of it and ready for transition of course!

The fashion world is certainly ready for the next phase of 2016 – isn’t it crazy that we’ll be talking about 2017 soon!? Yep. this glorious year is hurtling towards its own demise and with it comes the most beautiful season of all.



A favourite of so many … the fashion is guaranteed to be something amazing with Fashion Weeks cropping up here, there and everywhere (Essex Fashion Week, anyone?). The stores both online and in store are chasing to catch up already with their gorgeous plum tones, velvet fabrics and boots. I for one cannot wait for the day of the jumper dress, tights and long boots!

Here are just some of the things I am looking forward ot this coming Autumn:

Plum and berry shades – be it in make up or in fashion trends

jumper dresses

blanket scarves – the saviour for those extra pounds we’d added last year to stay warm in the winter!

boots – ankle boots, knee length boots, chelsea boots … all the boots

velvet and cord – a little hint at what’s to come!

early nights

nights in

hot chocolates

crunchy leaves

long walks

rainy days


pumpkin spiced … everything!


movie nights

Christmas – yep I said it!


Hello Autumn, I LOVE you!




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