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Winter Sun | Holiday Gems

Please tell me I am not the only one praying for a bit of Winter Sun? Yes, yes hello Autumn, you’re loved by so many – me being one of them, Nikki from Love Laugh Lipstick not – but even with the beautiful colours of Autumn, the dark nights and cold mornings have my skin begging for sunshine and Vitamin D! Winter Sun, for me, always seemed like something rich people did. Who on Earth can afford a sunny break on the run up to, or just following Christmas?
Well, with Holiday Gems – you can!

Holiday Gems is one of those online places I stumbled upon and realised I’d found a treasure trove. No more will winter holidays be something for only the older and more well off of us. With the amazing low prices of Holiday Gems, even I can afford a cheeky 5 day trip in the sunshine!

Whether it be a trip to the Balearics or the Canaries, or even further afield to the beautiful Cape Verde, you’ll be able to find a cheeky trip that wont break the bank but will banish your Winter Blues!

The website is so easy to use and with one clock of a button you are taken into low price heaven. I found that, while doing research for this post, I was able to satisfy and suit the budget of myself, my sister who is on a slightly lower budget and someone with a higher level of taste. I am totally a three star Princess, as long as there’s sun, sea and swimming pool, I am good to go!

I love to imagine myself sunning away on a far away beach with the sea rippling up to my toes – while everyone else wraps up in clunky scarves and gets battered by the wind.

Envision, compiling your Christmas list with a cocktail in your hand and that beautiful Sun Cream smell lingering on your shoulders.

You can picture it can’t you.. the bronzed selfies on the beach or by the pool while everyone else is slogging away on the tube with colds and sore throats.

A trip to Dubrovnik from £139 per person, flights, hotel and breakfast! What a deal!
Adventures around the beach that is only a stroll away, a walk into the famous city to try all of their famous beers.

I mean, I’m sold!

If, like me, you are now DESPERATE for some Winter Sun with Holiday Gems, then hit this link and get holiday shopping!

Winter Sun, we are coming for you!



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