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2019 Blog Goals

How on EARTH is it this time of year already!? I just can’t deal with how quickly life is flashing before my eyes! I swear, I was sat in the exact same spot only a blink ago, writing my goals for 2018!? Where has the time gone!? I have already posted some reflective posts on my year with some brutal honesty and some laughs.. but now it is time to share my goals for 2019!


Twitter has always been my favourite platform for blogging. It is creative, it is consistent and it can be a really fun place to find new friends, build your blog, get inspiration and grow your blog!

2018  however, has seen a change in Twitter. Gone are the days of content links being shared in every other tweet; no longer has it been a happy online blogging community where ideas are thrown around. Now the only things thrown around is shade. The cliques have become unreal. The bitching can be too much and it’s turned into such a negative place!

For this reason, I have stepped away from the platform for my own mental health, happiness and blog loving. Because of this, my Twitter hasn’t grown the way I would have expected. In fact, in the last few months of 2018, growth has been pretty much stagnant.

In 2019, I want to turn this on its head! I want to turn Twitter back into the fun, happy and open place for blogging. I am going to try to stay positive as much as physically possible. I will be sharing the love, sharing blog posts I am loving, commenting on posts, sharing posts – you name it, I’ll be trying to do it! I have already taken some steps to unfollow the people who are forever negative and feel the need to spout their poison whenever possible – I will no longer be seeing that!

I end 2018 with 7175 followers – I want to end 2019 with 10,000 followers!


Where do I even start with Insta? It’s been a roller coaster for 2018 – the algorithm, the bots, I could go on and on. But it’s boring.
We all know it sucks! But I am going to take 2019 by the horns and start as I mean to go on!

I currently sit at 2418 followers and the average photo gets about 130 likes. This is fairly consistent for me which is amazing for the platform that isn’t exactly well known for its consistency!

I want to continue to love taking blog photos, I want to take them to the next level, I want my photos shared with brands, by brands and I want people to know my blog snaps when they see them!

Numbers aren’t massively important but I’d love to hit another thousand followers by the end of 2019! Wish me all the luck in the world!


LoveRosiee turned three in 2018, it saw some incredible collaborations and some amazing event invitations!

I am really happy with the content on my blog as of now, I feel like I am still the same, honest person that started this journey, I am just more aware of who I am. My job has changed in the last year and it has already started helping with my blog, so I want that to keep going in 2019.

There are many brands that I would love to work with and I want to continue to work successfully with beauty brands.
Now that I am a bride to be, I am on a new journey of keeping fit, losing weight and trying to be healthier. So I would also like to come in front of the camera more too. I want my confidence to grow with being the model and I want my outfit shots to be seen by as many people as possible!

2019 could be my year!
What are your blog goals for 2019?



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