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New Year New You || Warner Bros

Hello you lovely lot! I am so happy that you are all coming back so often to visit me on my little corner of the internet and to say a massive thank you I’m launching another HUGE giveaway with Warner Brothers featuring all you’re about to see in this here New Year New Me post – more of which you’ll be able to find at the bottom of this post!

So, it’s officially 2017 and we’re almost completely settled in. We’re over Christmas, we’ve had snow and most of us have started (some have already broken) our New Years Resolutions and we’re about to take a nose dive into Blue Monday. So, what better way to cheer yourself up than by having some reflection time and reaching for something you may never have gone for before. Well, that’s what this here post is all about! New Year, New Goals, New You!

Some of you may know, if you’ve hopped over here before, I am a bit of a movie lover and a night in fanatic. Yep, at the grand old age of 24 I’m loving Saturday nights in and pamper evenings. And January is the perfect time for a movie night and cosy evenings under blankets! So, this post may not come to a surprise to you as it’s a review and a competition of some classic movies that I love but that have fallen by the way side in the busyness of running a blog and life in general!

This is such a Sunday afternoon flick. It’s so thought provoking and informative and it’s one you put on and you lose hours of your life to. Put your phone down for this epic, you won’t want to miss the ups and the downs of these amazing and unique characters. In today’s climate of situation of hate and segregation this film is actually so current and real and it’ll have you crying and appreciating life!

This film is one I put on a few years back as background noise and what happened? I couldn’t peel myself away from the TV and I fell in love. I cried and sobbed and laughed my head off! It’s one of those films you watch and fall in love with and want to share with everyone! It made me so reflective and with the recent death of SeaWorld’s most famous and most controversial bull Killer Whale, Tilikum, this film is one you have got to invest an evening in. Get the tissues first though!

This is another tear jerker and another one of those films you never think of watching but once you put it on, bam your whole evening is done! No point moving except to replenish the popcorn and the tissues! An amazing cast and a touching story that will fill your evening with love and hope! Best thing about this one, your boyfriend or other half will LOVE this one! A tear jerker based around rugby – what could be better!?

Friday nights are made for edge of your seat, biting your nails off anticipation and hotties like George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg! This is another one for the man in your life as it’s slightly manly in the plot and element of rescue will have your man ready to interject about what he’d do! And for you? Gorgeous men that need help and family ties that will have you worrying and tearing up!

If this is one film I’ve neglected but love SO much this is the one. Mine and my sisters favourite film as children and I’m not going to lie but one that makes me weep like a little girl. It’s the most beautiful film and the soundtrack is everything – not to mention the story line is so incredibly beautiful! Killer Whales are so majestic and amazing and it highlights that even though this film is from the 90s, these issues are still rife today with huge businesses like SeaWorld and the death of Tilikum. I love this film and I am so sad I’ve neglected it for so long but it is getting watched over and over and over again now!

Do you want the chance to win ALL of these films? Well, lucky for you, I’ve paired up with Warner Bros and I have been given the massive privilege to host a giveaway with these amazing movies! All you need to do to enter is come follow me on Twitter, give me a follow and RT the pinned tweet featuring this blog post and that’s it!

Find my twitter here: LoveRosiee

You can purchase these movies by hitting this link!





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