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Delicius Satisfaction || Ciao Gusto

I’ve got something completely unique and wonderful to share with you – in more ways that one! By that I mean, I am featuring this amazing product but I am also giving you all a chance o get your hands on one too! I love taking something obscure and out there and bringing it to the forefront of the blogging world and sharing it with the people I know will read my reviews and love them! I pride myself on being an honest and real blogger and when I LOVE something I really feel like you’ll be able to tell. So, here I am, sharing the love for Delicius Anchovies for all the world to see and giving you a chance to enter a competition to get your hands on some yourself! More of which at the bottom of this post!

This gorgeous tasting box is something that survived about 30 seconds at Christmas! I love Italian food and cooking (maybe something I’d like to branch into soon on the blog) and I LOVE anchovies. A little bit like marmite for a lot of people but you have got to give them a chance! Anchovies are so diverse and can be prepared, used and cooked in lots of different ways to spice up your midweek cooking and more!

This gorgeous tasting box, the exact same one you can get your hands on, features gorgeously luxurious flavours and oils.

In this box you can find:

Double Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil

Double Anchovy Fillets in Pantelleria Capers

Anchovy Fillets with Double Herbs de Provence

Double Anchovy Fillets with Italian Chilli

The pack comes with a cute little tasting fork and all the information you would ever need to know and some lovely recipes.

Now, if January isn’t the time for nights in, cooking up storms in the kitchen and tasting all sorts of delights whilst dreaming of the sun, sea and the sand between your toes!

I love this little gift pack, it’s one of those bizarre moments in your life where you’re transported to a happy place while sampling and tasting them. Imagine me, Christmas Day, in my Minnie Mouse PJs, full from cooking a successful Christmas dinner and nibbling for more, popping one of these decadent and luxurious anchovies fillets in my mouth. And BOOM. I’m in Italy. The sea is washing up at my toes, I’ve got a glass of ice cold wine in my hand and my skin is tingling from the sunshine. I can smell the saltiness of the sea and can hear the boats washing up and I am in HEAVEN!

I cannot tell you how much I’ve loved taking on this role of taste tester for Delicius and how much my family have appreciated it – they mullered it, two seconds and the jars had been passed around, tasted and demolished!

If you really want to up your January game you have GOT to get your hands on this amazing gift box. And it couldn’t be easier to do!

All you have to do is come follow me on Instagram, find my Delicius photo, give it a like and you will have entered yourself into the draw to get your hands on this January-changing mini hamper!

Find me on Instagram here!

If you want to shop for this amazing product, you’re in luck! With the use of Ocado you’ll find it with ease with the brand new Ciao Gusto tab that can be selected while you shop. This tab will open up your world and make it seem as if you’ve stepped into a real and authentic Italian supermarket! You can find a quick link to the Ciao Gusto Tab here!

If you would like to get to know this brand a little better and see what amazing and unique bits they have to offer this January, make sure you give their Social Media platforms a follow! All of which you can find right here:








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