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Get S*** Done

We aren’t all Beyoncé.

We can’t all have days when we are on fire constantly. We can’t be constantly productive. That’s ok. But, if like me, you depend on keeping relevant, rolling with trends, keeping up to date and everything else that comes with being a 21st century woman – then you will need that little extra motivation to Get S*** Done! My little blog takes up a big chunk of my time (although I couldn’t think of doing anything as fun or amazing) and I work full time with extra little jobs. I am only human and often I lack that extra Beyoncé spark – enter Dot Creates. A gorgeously fresh and new brand with the BEST range of cute and quirky stationary! So, here is my review of Dot Creates and their Get S*** Done note pad!

dot creats

Here it is, the best bit of motivation you’ll ever need! If you’re a stationary addict like me, this will be right up your street!

For the bargain price of £5.70 this handy little notepad can be all yours! You know I’m the bargain blogger too so it’s all good stuff!

I love the peachy colour of the notepad and how nice it feels. I cannot stand those notepads that feel as if they’ll fall apart as soon as you open them. This is sturdy and reliable. And, not only that, the motivational motif on the front is perfect for those days when you just can’t keep going.

dot creates

So, you gorgeous girlies out there who need to do lists, bullet journals, shopping lists and any sort of noting down for nonsense ideas – this is the pad for you! It’s the perfect size to slip in your bag. In fact, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all week. And, as soon as a hint of blog inspo comes along I pop it straight in here!

** Want even better news? You can get 20% off of this gorgeous notepad and EVERYTHING else as Dot Creates with my code **





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