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Sea Secret: Algae for Skin and Health Care

Skin care is big business these days!

I am a big fan of skin care – if you’re a regular visitor of my little blog, you’ll know that recently I have branched out into more skin care posts and my social media channels are always brimming with skincare facts, dos and don’ts! There is new emphasis on taking care of what you’ve got and lots of advice out there on how to do it! More and more in the beauty industry, people are finding new ways to replenish and refresh your skin as more of a preemptive move than a last ditch attempt. Skin care is so huge now that major brands have clocked on and people as young as teenagers are investing more time in looking after their skin. This is a big win on so many different levels! I’ve hooked up, again, with the amazing people at Ghergich & Co. to bring you a guide to skin care using none other than algae!

Stay with me here, it may seem a bit out there, but I am hooked! Why not try something a little different!?


Algae for Skin and Health Care
“Sea Secret” on Health Perch




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