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Take Care

It’s something I think all of us are guilty of not doing. I am a million per cent guilty of letting myself down in my own stakes, neglecting myself in favour of others and eventually feeling completely run down and rotten. I know I am not the only one! We just don’t take enough care of ourselves.

But, with the coming of Autumn, we can take it upon ourselves to turn over a new leaf, reflect on what has been stressing us out and getting us down & do something about it. Whether it be to take more “me time” by having a long hot bath once a week, turning all Social Media off for an evening or making dinner for your family… it can be simple to do!

The first bit of taking care that I’ll be doing this Autumn will be to properly take care of my skin. My pre-Autumn exfoliation trip has started with the help of the amazing Soap & Glory Scrub of your Life and my Body Shop hard loofah!

My skin has taken a battering this summer, with trips to Paris and Florida, all that sunshine; then all of the weather we’ve been put through in glorious old England! Not to mention, working six days a week, trying to fit family, friend and couple time in – it’s easy to see why I am looking a bit tired and run down! My skin is in desperate need of a saviour!

Over Exposed is the best way to cure that! Time Bomb are a wicked beauty and skin care company and their Over Exposed cream is exactly what I need. It is so nice and smooth and applies so easily without feeling really cakey and too thick. I’ve been using it every evening after a long hot shower and my skin already feels so much more plump and refreshed. I’ve even been brave enough to risk no make up days at work because the skin on my face feels so much healthier and happier!

I am all about Lee Stafford’s Hair Range at the moment – something you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram and view my Stories. 

I literally adore the range and the Brilliant Brunette shampoo is like my holy grail shampoo product!

The Coco Loco Hair Oil is an amazing treatment for locks that have been properly abused this summer! The oil is so thick and nourishing on my tresses. As soon as I popped the lid to have a whiff I was sent to hair heaven.

I usually apply this amazing oil into my towel dried hair, just a few pumps will do – a little goes a long way! I pull it through my hair from the mid lengths to the end and brush it through with my wonderful Tangle Teezer. 

I then either let my hair dry naturally or style away and my hair is left looking smooth and healthy. I can’t STRESS the smoothness enough! My hair has a severe lack of fly-aways and that messy look you know that Summer look gives you! You can use this amazing oil as an over night treatment but Lord knows I am far too lazy to style my hair into anything other than braids of a morning.



My advice to you?

Make your Autumn sweet, stress less, enjoy the beauty of it and Take Care!





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