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September Goals

Glorious September! Welcome! I am so happy to see you! September, you are one of my favourite months of the year. And now that I am over the shock of the serious lack of Summer we experienced this year, I am crossing every finger and toe for an Indian Summer and for all the Autumn feels!

But, before we even get to that, it’s a perfect time to realign my goals and reflect on the new season ahead!

I’ve always loved that Autumn has been such a reflective time for me, with the seasons changing and all of the colours that Autumn brings, it is the perfect time to think about what this year has already bought us and what we can do more in it’s final yawn and roll down into Christmas, New Year and 2018! (wow that sounds scary!)

Firstly, let’s talk blogging!

So, as of September my beautiful little baby blog will be 2! I will be hosting a massive giveaway to celebrate and it’ll be an amazing time to reflect on how far my blog has come!

But before that, I want to smash through just a few more targets!

As of writing this post, my blog views are around 104k altogether!

In the month of September I’d LOVE to hit 108k blog visits … it isn’t all a numbers game but I love seeing how many people come and pay a visit to my little rambles and inner most thoughts!

I have just smashed through 250 posts that have gone live on my blog and I am so pleased that in the last year and a half I have maintained posting three times a week consistently. Obviously, with the more time going past, I will be posting more and more! But I am so happy with 90% of my content!

I’d love to post more fashion posts this Autumn and I can’t wait to get all of my Autumn gear sorted and ready to dive into the red leaves and frosty walks!

Instagram has got to be the HARDEST social media channel to build and grow! Even after two years of blogging, my Instagram has stalled at less than 2k. This coming month I’d love to smash through that barrier and continue to grow!

It is so disheartening to see other people grow in a non-organic way but I will not lose hope and I will eventually see my Instagram flourish and be the success the effort and time deserves!

Luckily, I am not the only one struggling with Instagram!

When it comes to blogging, twitter was always my first love! I have always adored twitter for the blogging community, for the growth and the ease of access to so many amazing influencers out there!

I would LOVE to hit the next bracket of 7k followers and I know that the way to do this is to keep communicating and chatting away. Twitter is for networking but for me it has always been so much more than that! I love meeting new blogging friends and connecting with my OG blog mates!

I also never ever use Bloglovin’ even though I have a page with them. My main source of blogging, blog research and other people’s posts is via twitter!

I would love to continue to comment on as many posts a day as possible but it is ins’t always as easy.

I love being able to RT favourite blog posts of mine and spreading all the love I can! I will definitely try to continue doing that as it makes me so happy!

So, what are your September blog goals?




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