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The Trouble With Being A Big Busted Woman

Are you a woman who is blessed with larger than life boobs? Do you have huge breasts? Do you have slightly irregular breasts? One bigger than the other? This brand new post is all about my struggles as a big breasted girl! I am going to share my woes but also celebrate the greatness that is big boobies!!

The trouble with being a big busted woman is that lots of clothes look like they’re smuggling secrets – or weird four-boobs if your bra is slightly too small!! It looks like all your lovely clothes, that you spent your hard earned cash on, don’t actually fit you. This sucks – I love my clothes and spend a lot of time and money on them so my only wish is that my lovely clothes fitted nicely around my ample assets.

big boob post

LoveRosiee on Instagram

Another issue that people with big boobs have to live with is the lack of beautiful bras. I love nothing more than buying pretty underwear and showing it off to my lovely boyfriend. Unfortunately, for my lovely breasts, I often have to shell out an obscene amount of money on keeping them safe and pretty. Luckily though, amazing shops like Ann Summers do frequently have sales in which you can buy the prettiest of bras. And in lots of different styles – bonus! My favourite is a Balconette Bra – so pretty and ladylike with a hint of sexiness and enough on show to tease your man! Perfect!               annannbra1 annbra2

Another lovely bra for the larger busted is the plunge bra. Perfect for the most low cut of top and also for a sneaky bit of sexiness under a simple t-shirt. A plunge bra accentuates your best assets in the best possible way whilst also giving them a little boost. Lots of shops are now up on this so there are lots of choice in colours and fabrics – which is great if like me you hate dowdy old looking bras and anything white without a hint of lace! New Look do a lovely set of bras that are fairly trusty if not slightly off with the sizes. Again, the best place to buy the plunge bra has to be Ann Summers.

plunge bras

Don’t even get me started on bikinis! I have shown the entire beach and swimming pool complexes of the many countries I’ve visited way too much of myself! The bikinis I’ve bought as a rash and rushed decision have done their job as far as covering my breasts while staying completely still in my tanning position. But once I move – whether that’s to take a sip of a cocktail, to turn over (for basic sun tanning 101 – front and back!) or to try to sexily maneuver into the water, the bikini top becomes USELESS! Embarrassingly trying to rescue your dignity whilst also wrestling with your Pina Colada is never going to impress anyone!! Luckily though ladies, La Senza is THE place to go to get the best and most supportive bikini tops. I bought one years ago (I’m talking at least five years ago) and it’s still my go-to bikini top for all holiday types. It’s perfect for sun bathing, walking around and EVEN playing volley ball in the pool – seriously!! Best part is … it’s actually strapless. I know! A massive bikini top that’s topless and still absolutely stunning!!

LoveRosiee on Instagram That trusty La Senza Bikini

LoveRosiee on Instagram
That trusty La Senza Bikini

Another great place for bikinis is somewhere like WetSeal or Victoria’s Secret. Although both of these are limited because WetSeal only ships to mainland America and Victoria’s Secret are slightly on the small side.

Now, you may have realised that this post isn’t actually a bashing of having big boobs – if anything it’s a celebration!! I love love love mine and wouldn’t change them for the world. I feel like they make my figure more womanly and soft as well as sexy. I am a huge boob admirer/pervert and spend more time ogling girls with ample chests than my boyfriend does! I am an all round breast appreciator!

Knowing this, though, I have to admit the hardest part of having larger breasts has to be the criticisms and judging from … women.

Yes, I said it. It’s all a little taboo for me but I honestly feel that us girls need to help each other out. I get no end of mean and nasty comments about the fitting of my clothes, style and how “revealing” they are – FYI I am not trying to put them out there, these bad boys CANNOT be hidden!! Instead I feel like we should stand together and celebrate boobs of all shapes and sizes. Big ones, small ones, ones as big as your head … wait no. Ladies, let’s unite and help each other get the right size for our frame, get the best bargains out there and feel happy and confident in whatever we wear!! Let’s take more selfies of our fronts and be proud!! Let’s flaunt our beautiful lingerie and whip our bras off to stick to bar ceilings – come on girls, we’ve all been there!

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

 So girls, I am encouraging you to get into contact with me via Twitter or Instagram with your funny boob stories and your boob advice. Let’s spread the boob love!!