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10 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Cold evenings, foggy starts, snuggles and fashion – what’s not to love about Autumn! Here I’ll share with you my ten favourite things about Autumn – I’d love to hear your loves of Autumn too!

So, let’s get down to it – if you want to add your reasons why you love Autumn please tweet or Instagram me.

  1. The BEST thing about Autumn has to be the fashion! It’s the time of year to pull out all your old jumpers, coats, cardigans and accessories. New fashion comes out every Autumn, and thankfully for us in England, the cold spurt lasts about 80% of the year so the new clothes get their wear! The big thing to look out for this Autumn are the many gorgeous wraps and scarves. I am loving all of the wraps at New Look – they look so luxurious and current, I need them all!! I was loving the fur gilet last year – I am feeling brave enough to buy one this season, so keep a look out for a review of thbest ones – coming soon to LoveRosiee
  2. new look faux furNew Look GiletNEw Look tassle wrap
  3. I love summer clothes and would happily wear flip flops at Christmas but what is better than a fluffy pair of boots? Healed or flat, it doesn’t matter! Perfect for nights out down the local pub or just to go out shopping – boots are the saviour of Autumn! And luckily, lots of high street shops are more than happy to help with my boot addiction. But I have to say my winners for comfort and style have to be my trusty Ugg Boots. I absolutely adore my Uggs. I am very aware that this may make me the target of some ridicule because they are supposed to be slippers and they do cost a lot of money but they really are worth it. I would rather feel warm and fluffy, hugged by my boots than freezing and vulnerable from just wearing pumps. Mine are very, very, very loved so they are slightly warn and creased but they are AMAZING!! For people, like me, who are on their feet and running around all day they are a dream! Definitely an Autumn must have.
  4. On the same note of comfort I am going to wade into another Marmite territory – the Onesie. Having spent almost my entire three years of Uni in my Onesie I am definitely an advocate of getting home from work, throwing on your onesie and not moving all evening. Some people, i.e. real grown ups, hate them! And yes, they do look absolutely ridiculous but my God are they comfy! My favourite onesie is my Minnie Mouse number – with hood and mouse ears, of coure! What’s better than coming in from the freezing cold to a lovely, warm, fluffy onesie. But i draw the line at full feet coverage – I’m not totally crazy!!

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  5. One of the best things about Autumn is the food! It’s the perfect time of year for stodgy, homey, wholesome meals. The bikini body has had its debut, now it’s time to tuck into some celebratory cake and tea! Nothing beats a good old sausage and mash or roast dinner when you’ve been stuck indoors all day watching the rain race down the window panes. The smell of the wholesome foods fill your house and it feels like your back home with your mum on a rainy Sunday before school. Pure nostalgia! Hallelujah for Autumn feeding!
  6. Another highlight of Autumn is the new fashion of amazing hot drinks. It’s, like, totally a thing to have a hip drink from a hip coffee shop now, don’t you know! There are all sorts of things these days, Lattes, Soy Mocha Lattes, Cappuccinos, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes …. and my favourite, the standard hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmallows. Freezing cold day? Get yourself a hot chocolate love! Sort ya right out!! What a treat – when else in the year can we stuff a drink full of chocolate and sugar and sweets and marshmallows and it be totally acceptable – no totally expected!? Thank you Autumn, you wonderful season!
    Autumn tea
  7. Autumn walks are the best thing ever! On a crisp day, hung over or not, what’s better than taking a lovely long walk in the country. You must be all dressed up with coat, wrap, boots, hat and possibly gloves (this is England, guys). What is better than stomping on fresh crunchy leaves that have just fallen from the trees. All of the Autumnal colours are like a palette of reds, oranges and yellows. I used to think Autumn signified sadness, the dying of the trees. But, Autumn is so much more than that. It’s a celebration of what once was. It helps us appreciate what we had! Not a fan of walks in the country, this Autumn please please try it – you’ll become as addicted as I am!
  8. Number six is going to put me, again, into the Marmite category: Autumn, what a perfect time of year for snuggles and cuddles and blankets. Is it raining outside? Have you got a full face of make up and great hair but won’t dare get it ruined in all that weather? Get a blanket, find a spot on the sofa, chuck a movie on and snuggle away to your hearts content! For added Autumn awesomeness try and add a onesie!! Sorry! Seriously though, Autumn is made for pillow forts, movie days, pop corn fights and slobbing out. The cold weather encourages cuddling which is exactly what makes me happy! Perfect!
    Autumn plant
  9. Marmite time again? I LOVE Halloween! Some people hate it, I love it! It’s an amazing time of year. I love the run up to Halloween, I love the excitement of it all. Decorating for Halloween in our house is almost as important as decorating for Christmas – no joke! I love the dressing up aspect; I love giving out sweets; but mostly, I love going out, getting drunk and falling over as a vampire, pirate or skeleton. This year I plan to fall over as a devil! Halloween is a fun time of year though, with the nights drawing in and a chill in the air it’s the perfect excuse for a ghost story and stuffing your face with free sweets. (I have young relatives who let me Trick or Treat with them, I don’t randomly knock on doors for free sweets, that would be weird!)
  10. Another reason to love Autumn is for Fire Works Night. I absolutely LOVE fireworks! They are the best thing ever! I could sit and stare out of my spare room window all night for a peak at some fire works. I love sparklers and Catherine Wheels and everything British about Fire Works Night. Going to the pub for a mulled cider that’s steaming hot over your fluffy gloves – perfection!! The children love it, if slightly petrified that their eye balls will get burned out of their heads from the falling embers! Dogs, unfortunately, don’t love fire works night. I am not a dog. I am a human. I love fireworks night!
  11. Last but not least! The tenth reason why I love Autumn is for the run up to Christmas! I know, it’s September. I’m jumping the gun slightly (even though I’ve brought almost half of my presents already – what? I like to be organised!). Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. But Christmas spirit, as an adult, I’ve found to be one of the best bits! The whole entire thing; from buying Christmas gifts to wrapping them and delivering them. I love the entire thing. Autumn is the warm up for mulled wine, even more eating and celebration. Bring it on, I say!
    Christmas cookies