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Contouring is out! Strobing is in! Read all about it!!

This week I have been trying my hand at the new make up art that is strobing. Which is just a posh word for highlighting. I am using the word art in literal terms. It may sound silly but the luxury of taking your time to sculpt and highlight your face – art really is the word! I have recently become a contouring fan – but good news ladies, if you are on a budget you can use most of your contouring kit to strobe.

I love BarryM‘s Contouring Kit – so clean and travel friendly with a guide for beginners. This little pack had saved me on so many occasions. Contouring is a precise and sometimes tricky make up skill but when it’s done well it is beautiful! I am such an addict now that I spend half my day contouring noses! It can transform your face shape and highlight all your best bits. BarryM’s Contouring Kit is the best I’ve found on sensitive skin. The make up is really light weight and stays fresh all day. Perfect!

barrym contouring kit

My contouring saviour!


barrym inside

A little help from Barry!



To apply the both contouring and to strobe I always use make up sponges. I find sponges that are a little moist from being ran under a warm tap spread the make up more evenly and help the look stay in place.

These neat little sponges are perfect for the sensitive under eye area as they are shaped to perfection!

new sponges

Perfect for under-eye blending!

I love the look of the strobing and am definitely a convert. My face looked dewy and fresh for the entire evening I was out and I received so many compliments on my slimmer looking face and how awake and bright I looked. Which is great compared to how I was really feeling – tired and gross after a long week at work!

There are some tricks needed to achieve the look though. My secret weapon has to be Rimmel’s Good to Glow Highlighter. I am using Number Two Piccadilly Glow because my skin hasn’t quite settled into the Autumn phase of pastiness.

rimmel highlighter

Take your pick

This little thing adds that little hint of sparkle that sets the rest of the face. I apply it before applying ANYTHING to my face – i add it to my moisturier or if I’m feeling brave, add it to my foundation. It is so soft and light weight you’ll never know it’s there! Once I’ve added my highlighter powder to under my eyes I then add the liquid again to add that hint of sparkle.

To add extra dewiness to the look I use a tiny fanned brush with my old highlighter powder and add that to the areas on my face light would naturally hit. This settles the make up but lifts the highlighting.

Once I’ve strobed my whole face I take the tiniest dab of Good To Glow and dab it into the tops of my cheek bones, above the top of my nose and on my chin and heat of my top lip. This glowing look lasts incredibly well!

This may seem like a lot of make up to be wearing but with these products you will feel fresh faced and light – unlike some greasy products that accentuate pores and spots. This method of make up is so great that I’ve tried and tested it on so many people – who have no become strobing addicts!

 Another bonus I’ve found is that once I’m home for the night and take off my make up my skin feels soft and glowing. The products I use take care of my face and protect it from any harshness or chemicals.

This is how I rocked the look

strobing selfie

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