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Little Known Box – March

Bloggers love beauty. FACT. Bloggers love haircare and skin care too. Bloggers also love to help out other bloggers and growing brands – in my personal experience anyway! A couple of months ago I got into contact with a brand I’d been lusting over for months and months after seeing them everywhere! You name it, I saw them! They were flooding my Instagram with their gorgeous photos and bloggers were raving over them for ages. So, I thought, I want a slice of the pie and I’ve not looked back since!

Little Known Box has been one of the BEST brands I have had the pleasure of working with in my whole 18 months of blogging. They are a truly amazing brand that work so hard to help bloggers, big or small; they help boost and grow smaller brands in such a positive way; and they also promote cruelty free and vegan beauty bits. What is not to love!? I have featured them twice already and I always take such a long time pouring over how to word perfectly and accurately access the love of the brand – so here goes!

March’s Little Known Box has been my favourite by far! There are so many goodies in there and I literally had to stop every urge in my body from ripping it open to see what was inside and instead delicately and impatiently unboxed it on my Instagram Stories for you all!

In March’s Little Known Box you will find (clockwise from top left):

Vintage Cosmetics Company Blending Sponge

This full sized blending sponge is the softest one I’ve come across ina  very long time. It has such a spring vibe with its gorgeous light lilac colour and it’s latex free as well as being infused with Vitamin E to help keep your skin hydrated! It is gorgeous and definitely a competitor for the bigger brand ones we all know about. It is also a snap of a price – winner! As soon as I got this little box open I immediately pressed it to my skin, squeezed the hell out of it and tested it out (blogger problems) and I have to say I was so so impressed with it! Major make up bag staple from today!

Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Scrub

As soon as I popped this little jar open, I literally had to scrape some out and smell it and feel it on my skin. It is such a gorgeously scented scrub and it is actually very light and not at all gloopy or sticky. I love that this stuff is made in Cornwall (my childhood holiday destination) and I love that using it and tagging it and everything else that comes with blogging helps a company and brand that have their heart 100% in the right place!

Soapsmith Handmade Soap

First up, let’s talk about packaging. If you weren’t already aware, I am a blogger living on the outskirts of London doing lots of London posts, so when I saw this packaging adorned with a map of London I was already sold. I ripped it out of it’s casing and had to photograph it sharpish so that I could get it into my shower for a first use! I LOVE that it’s black – black soap, I mean it’s a dream come true. Black to match my soul!

Saturated Colour Sheer Stick

Now, don’t laugh at me but I literally have the worst, smallest shit little lips that are basically useless and don’t exist. It’s something I’ve always been self conscious of and blogging has untapped that I can find it funny and it’s not the end of the world to not fit in with trends. So, this lovely super-pink colour stick is absolutely beautiful, I have swatched it only and will pass it on to one much more fortunate in the lip department! It is however, gorgeous. It is silky smooth and beautifully pigmented and it is moisturising and soft! Win!

HJ Manicure Nail Polish and Edge Nails 5 Star Top Coat

Now I LOVE nail polish. If you’ve ever visited my blog before you’ll know I am addicted. I love nail art, nail videos (of which I am planning on starting on my Instagram – watch this space) and all things manicure themed. So, when I saw this gorgeous little mocha colour in a  large jar I was buzzing! The nude shade is gorgeous and really thick without being gloopy and I cannot wait to feature them in a spring nail post coming soon! This brand, amazingly, is also Vegan friendly and cruelty free! Amazeballs!

Little Known Box I LOVE you and it’s been a pleasure! An amazing brand I have loved working with and really connected with and would LOVE to work with again!






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  1. Experiências e Constatações
    May 19, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Great products! I love the concept of this box 🙂

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