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Little Known Box – February

What could possibly be better than knowing every month that you are due a delivery of some amazing hair care and beauty products to see you through the bleakness of winter – Spring, where you at!? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve got with Little Known Box. I reviewed their January box recently (find it here) and my February box arrived on a day when my bank balance was sad and empty and I desperately felt in need of a treat. My post man is like a family friend at this point, what with all the blog stuff and random things he has to bring me on the daily; so when he waltzed up my drive with this little package I could have hugged him.

Here’s your Little Known Box – February!

Let’s talk basics. I am a slave to good packaging and pretty do-ups. Little Known Box is exactly that! With pretty bows and notes that are “Just For You” it’s like the perfect gift you receive once a month! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that as soon as my Little Known Box arrives, I can’t help but unbox it as quickly as possible!

This month has been another good month with Little Known Box! The main thing I love about this little box is the ethos of the brand. They are always trying to help out the little guys; be it micro-influencers like myself or smaller and breakout brands! It’s always such a pleasure to get my hands on their box and see who I’ll be supporting and snapping away this month!

In February’s box you will find:

ECOCARE Organic Face Wipes

Beautifully soft and gently scented face wipes that will leave your face feeling fresh and not sticky or tight. The Rose and Chamomile scent is so perfect for Spring days and not over powering or harsh! I love that these wipes are organic and feel so much better about using them in my skincare regime! I have tried them on tough make up and on day to day use and they are amazing! It feels eve better that they are sustainable!

Miss Patisseries Cupcake Bath Melt

This adorable little cupcake is the cutest thing ever. It looks good enough to eat and it smells delicious! The packaging is to die for and this was the first thing I rushed to use in my February box! It popped and fizzed and bobbed along in my bath and sent me to bath bomb heaven! These gorgeous little bath bombs come in many different styles – cupcakes being my absolute fave tho! They are also cruelty free and vegan free – even better!

Medusa’a Make Up Mascara

Let’s talk about amazing product for a low low price!? I love a good mascara but am so picky about which ones I like and which ones I banish to the drawers of my beauty area. This one, it’s a keeper! A lovely rubber brush that’s sturdy but not harsh and a consistency that is thick enough to cover and frame your eyes beautifully without being gloopy or heavy. It’s real easy to remove – especially with the ECOCARE Face Wipes! This is another amazing product that’s cruelty free and vegan!

MONU Skin Recovery Balm

So, this sort of in-between weather of wind, dry sun with no heat and rain kind of kills my skin. It happens every year and my skin suffers until the brilliant sunshine soothes it! But with Monu now on my side, I literally have nothing to worry about! It is so good on my very sensitive combination skin; not a harsh scent or sore patch in sight! Since finding this product I’ve looked into more of their stuff and would love to try their Face Masks if this Balm is anything to go by!

FRUU Lip Balm

Let’s talk about love at first smell shall we? I LOVE  a nice smelling man, I love food that sticks its steamy fingers up your nose and I love skincare products that invite you in as soon as you pop them open! That’s exactly what my Fruu lip balm did. I popped it open and out popped a delicious scent that had me smothering my dry, chapped lips to recovery. My boyfriend is so akin to the smell now, he knows when I’ve got just applied it straight after my shower! Soft and nurturing for lips that are suffering in this depressing weather! Win!

BONUS ITEM – Friendly Soap, Hair and Body Bar

Another hit for my super sensitive skin. I don’t know about anyone else, but shower gels just don’t cut it for me! Give me an actual bar of soap any day! I use shower gel but always have a proper wash with soap – apparently that’s weird but that’s me. This soap is a win from me! A gentle soap that doesn’t inflame sad and angry skin but melts into your skin and locks in moisture. Perfect for a good soak to forget your stressful day at work!

Come back next time for my next Little Known Box!

You can get your hands on this AMAZING box here!





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