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Little Known Box | January

What possibly could be better in life than receiving goodies, beauty or otherwise, in the post on the regular? I know that ordering stuff online gives my life purpose for 3-5 working days so getting a subscription box could prolong my happiness for months at a time! And I am so happy to say that even though I am the biggest fuss pot in the world (I know, I’m so sorry, I can’t be anything different so just embrace it!) I have actually found THE subscription box for me!

Little Known Box!

I love Little Known Box! It is the best subscription box going and it is so Instagrammable!

The reason I love this little subscription box is because you can 100% tell it’s owned and run by people who completely believe in the products and love them! There is so much attention to detail when it comes to the products and the box itself!

I love the sleek, black design and I love that as soon as you open the box the entire thing is labelled up. It has gorgeous black tissue paper and tissue shredding and the ribbon that holds it all together is gorgeously labelled up. I loved that part so much that I had to live stream my un-boxing of this subscription box on Instagram to share my excitement right there and then!

Inside my box in the month of January was so many goodies for my skin and my hair. I find subscription boxes sometimes forget about hair care and the importance of promoting and working with small and breakthrough brands – aren’t we all tiny little fishes trying to breakthrough as bloggers? I love the chance to use, photograph and review products to help them get out there and known in the same way blogging has a place in that world! So, being me more baby brands and I will review and be honest about them all!

In this months box are (from left to right above):

Oohar Face Mask

Rekze Laboratory Shampoo and Conditioner Sachets

Rekze Laboratory Hair Wipes

Tisserand Hand Cream

Bee Good Cream Cleanser  & Mini Cloth

Tabitha James Kraan 4-in-1 Conditioner

Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm

I love this box and I cannot tell you how much I’ve fallen in love with it! I love the ethos of the company and I love that it encourages working together and building relationships.

The best part about Little Known Box (other than everything else I’ve mentioned … I love it I can’t help it!) is that all of the products are amazing! I literally could not wait to use them and basically ripped the box apart getting into all of them. I don’t have one favourite per say, I have many different reasons why these bits are perfect picks for January/February!

The Rekze Hair wipes are the coolest things ever – you just wipe your clean, dry scalp with them and I can already feel my hair becoming thicker and more lustrous within a week!

The Hand Creams are sublime. I wash my hands a billion times a day at work and I’ve been bringing these little bottles to work with me to alternate the use of them and my hands instantly feel so much more moisturised and loved!


Little Known Box will be back on the blog next month so stay tuned what for what they’ll have next!

And you can find Little Known Box here!




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