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Boutique of Molly – Dora Dress Review

Love fashion? Love girly dresses and clothes? I have found the PERFECT store for you! This weekend I have truly spoilt myself and have tried out one of the new Autumn dresses from Boutique of Molly. This store is filled with lots of different styles – ranging from tops, play suits and jumpsuits to swing dresses and more elegant numbers with lots of sparkle! Every girls’ dream!

The Boutique of Molly is a newish store I found when I was scouring the internet hoping to keep up with the newest Celeb looks – I stumbled upon this store and it was perfect! They have new clothes added almost daily and the looks are all up to date and on trend. The dresses look perfect for all shapes and sizes. This is different to some stores who seem to only cater for one type of girl – and we know that girl is a myth, she doesn’t really exist! And even better, the prices are right! You wont blow your budget buying only one thing – if anything you could go a little crazy on their website, both in the sale and in the New section and still come out with enough for nights out and make up to style your new clothes with!

I bought the Dora dress – a black dress, swing style with the bang on trend lace up feature framing the bust. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a perfect fit for my ever-growing Autumn wardrobe. I was intrigued by the dress, too, because I wanted to see whether it would pass both the night out and the day time test. Good news girls – the dress was a huge hit!

Dora - Boutique of Molly

Dora – Boutique of Molly

All evening I was getting compliments about how the shape skimmed my figure but the lace trim showed a little sass. The long sleeves made it perfect so that I could dress it down with a wrap or fur gilet but also made it suitable for a crisp Autumn evening. The length was suitable enough for my to throw some shapes but also seem demure and not too silly (we’ve had the dresses that flash our bums – never good on a freezing cold night!).

Here’s how I styled the Dora.

One of my many #BOMselfies

One of my many #BOMselfies

I was feeling brave enough to go without leggings or tights as I wanted to feel dressy and free – and I also wanted to show off my new shoes – see my previous post! I did try the look with black leggings and it looked great! Perfect for when the colder weather snaps and we have to cover every bit of flesh! I tried lots of different shoes with the dress too. Good news! It looks super cute with both flats (I went for chunky flat boots) and heels – both heeled boots and normal heels.

I paired the dress with New Look’s Chunky Black Boots and one of my favourite Black Coach handbags (yesterday was National Handbag Day – I thought I’d celebrate with one of my faves!).

LoveRosiee on Tumblr

LoveRosiee on Tumblr

As you can see, it was light before I went out last night, but it was very dark and chilly by the time I made it home. The dress hugged me with its lovely soft material and the long sleeves helped me stay warm. The length was perfect – it skimmed my knees but could be adjusted just by adding a waist belt or securing a wrap around it. This is why I think it’s perfect for both day and night!

Because the dress is quite a simple and classy look I went for a fully contoured face.

LoveRosiee on Instagram

LoveRosiee on Instagram

Now, you guys know I LOVE strobing and contouring. I used all of my trusty products (See my previous Strobing post here) to highlight under my eyes and cheeks to make sure my face didn’t seem too dark. I always contour my nose to make my face seem a little more defined.

This Dora dress made me feel sexy but also relaxed. It fit in all the right places but also flowed where it needed to! I’m not the most confident of girls and get really self conscious when I feel uncomfortable. This feeling did not happen last night! The entire night I was receiving compliments after compliments about how the dress was so on trend with the lacy feature but also very flattering. I even went so far as to whip it off for my sisters to try on! My sisters range from a size eight to ten and the dress looked great on them too!

The black can look quite intimidating – as it’s a big block of black. The lace feature really breaks this up and sets the dress apart from the normal day to day black dress. The lace helps the dress stay sexy and womanly and makes it perfect for all shapes and sizes!!

The lace feature helps the Dora stay on trend!

The lace feature helps the Dora stay on trend!

I love this dress!! I have been shouting about it all week and I am so glad that I got the reaction I wanted – not only from my man but from my family and also from strangers! I think it’s really important for girls to support each other so I was over the moon when girls approached me to as where my dress was from!

I think teaming this dress up with chunky heeled boots and heavy eye make up is definitely a win! I loved the entire day of pampering myself and the result I got! I will be shopping with Boutique of Molly lots more from now on! It’s important to take time for yourself – if you’ve had a bad week, why not treat yourself, take some time away and pamper yourself, remember that you are a beautiful woman with lots going on! This dress and lots of the clothes from the Boutique of Molly are perfect for that! No sky high prices but also the right look! Lovely materials and realistic sizes! Perfect for every girl!!

Want to take a look at more from Boutique of Molly? Click here. You’ll be impressed, I promise!




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