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Autumn Boots/Shoe Haul

It’s time for my Autumn Boots and Shoe Haul post! If you read my last post, you’ll know I went a little crazy with the shopping for everything Autumn! In this new post I will share my boots haul which heavily features many products from my one of my favourite places to shop – New Look!

Autumn is the perfect time for being brave and trying new styles and fashions! It’s always a brilliant time of year to get out the boots – my favourite! Whether it be heeled boots, over the knee boots, fluffy boots or slipper boots, I’m your girl! There’s lots of different trends emerging at the moment but a huge one that I’ve been sold on is the Chelsea Boot. It’s short so doesn’t pull focus from your outfit. It’s subtle enough that you aren’t heard a mile away clunking around. It’s smart enough for work and the local pub or night out. And even more perfectly, they are everywhere so you can get your hands on them very easily! I decided to go for a neutral pair that I knew I could pair with both my work clothes and going out clothes. This pair is perfect for every occasion and I have had many compliments on them!

Chelsea Boots at New Look

Chelsea Boots at New Look

These beauties come in a range of colours – with a deep maroon which I loved but didn’t feel brave enough! These are honestly such comfortable shoes with a gorgeous look. An Autumn win for me!

These next boots I HAD to treat myself to! I knew that as soon as I saw them they would be such a treat for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe! They are more of an evening/night out shoe. I wouldn’t wear them to work but others have told me they have and would.

Heeled Boot from New Look

Heeled Boot from New Look

As you can probably tell, I do like a bit of black in my wardrobe. These boots, though! Come on, they’re a thing of beauty! The best thing about them has to be how supportive they are of your ankle – this makes getting tipsy and wobbling around on cobbled streets so easy on a night out! The boots look great with jeans, leggings and tights. I haven’t wanted to expose my pasty pins yet, wait until the fake tan makes an appearance! But I’m sure these lovely, flattering boots would look great then too!

This pair are a double whammy! I actually have both the flat and the heeled version. These boots are so reliable and comfy. They are my go-to boots. They’re durable and fashionable all rolled into one! The heeled version are so so so comfy that it’s like walking in slippers!

Tanned Boot - New Look

Tanned Boot – New Look

The heeled version is literally exactly the same except for, obviously, being slightly taller. The fluffy sheep skin trim adds a lovely Winter feel as well as comfort. They are easy to slip on and off. They are so supportive of my weak ankles and tiny feet – a perfect fit! Both boots are perfect for days out – walking the dog, Autumn walks and walks to the pub (of course) but also perfect for nights out whether that be down the local for a game of pool or into town to dance on the tiles!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short snippet on Autumn Boots and what I’d recommend! You can find all of these at New Look! Happy Autumn!