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Autumn Fashion | Gothic Glam

If you really aren’t into Autumn (who are you?) then this post may not be for you … awkward. However, if you, like every blogger I speak to, are in love with Autumn and love everything about it, then this post will be right up your street! Autumn to me signifies so much in the way of rebirth, reflection and all the reds. Autumn is also a time to channel your inner goth. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and I know this post will be hugely popular come the time when we all don our favourite scary outfits in the name of fashion and fun. Luckily, this year the high street have cottoned on to our love for All Hallows Eve and gone all Gothic Glam on us… so here are my top Gothic Glam picks!

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Gothic Glam is everything you can lust over on the run up to Halloween and not look like you’re constantly in fancy dress! Missguided executes it so perfectly with the right mix of blocked black colours, lace and silks. Chokers are going to be massive this coming season so getting your hands on one is a no brainer for any outfit choice – gothic glam or not!

However, be aware that heavy velvet chokers can leave a mark on sensitive skin … a neck tie sort of shadow. Pre-warning, exfoliate first!

I love Missguided generally and can always trust them to be both ahead of the trends, on the frontier of most trends, baring the brunt of fashion faux pas and collecting the pennies on style wins!

This store is also insane on prices. Unlike some stores of a same calibre, this one has not gotten too big for its boots and started charging ridiculous prices, nope, Missguided has stayed true to itself and still reflects the prices it once had when I was seventeen and choosing between eating and partying.

Missguided are my top pick for gothic glam this Autumn season with its diversity of lace, body con, silk and other gorgeous materials! All of these outfits and accessories could be warn both before and after Halloween without causing a fright (pun intended).


Everything £5 is my new favourite store! I can’t believe I only found out about in the second half of this year. It’s a bloody life saver! Do not let the price dissuade you, everything they do is amazing condition, great materials and a bloody good price!

These two lace numbers are perfect Gothic Glam pieces to add to any Autumn wardrobe. I love the Netted Lace Bodysuit. It is sexy enough to reveal your skin tone without poking disapproving people’s eyes out with your hard nipples (Halloween is, after all, in October and it’s friggin’ cold then!) I love the shaping of this and think it could be warn perfectly with black jeans and heeled boots!

The Jumpsuit is another addition that could actually be warn on the night of Halloween as an “outfit” of sorts without looking like a horror (again, pun intended). I love how black it is – nothing worse than blacks don’t match each other’s black-ness!

A massive new fav of mine for all kinds of shipping and with such a rapid turn over of product due to its popularity, this store is one to watch in the fashion stakes!


Another big fave of mine is ASOS; a staple for any girl that loves to shop but doesn’t have time to search through every different website! They are really zoning in on the whole lace look of gothic glam and smashing it out of the park! I love how daring ASOS are always willing to be! Who would ever have though of a lace dungaree set … but now it’s here, why didn’t we think of it before!?

Although their range is more tame than Missguided, it is still in its early stages! Lace and Gothic Glam go hand in hand and you can guarantee you’ll turn heads for the Spooky Season in all three of these ensembles!

What do you think of the Gothic Glam trend? Will you be investing ins some spooktacular fashions?




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