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Fave Instagram Stores

I love Instagram (hit the link to give me a follow) Yep, I am an official Instagram addict. I love how arty and precise people are with their shots. I love how you can be transported to a holiday far off with just one well-taken snap. I love how it connects blogs, brands, family members, celebrities and everyday people. Instagram is having a bit of an overhaul at the minute (please don’t make me go into Instagram Stories and whether I like them or not, I still don’t know) and there’s been a lot of angry complaints going Insta’s way … algorithms being on that agenda. But, still I am fan of the social media platform, although it isn’t my best one for blog traffic, it’s a great platform for expression and creativity! It is also amazing for finding brands and stores you’d never find in everyday life! So, get your thumbs nimble and ready get scrolling these wicked Instagram stores, filled with all the best bits for Summer Sixteen!


pastiche 2

First up is this little gem, Pastiche. A gorgeous jewellery store that has all of your on trend wants as well as plenty of boho style trinkets for summer! The reason I’ve picked this Instagram page is because I love the general feel of it. Of course, the store is gorgeous with its delicate pieces of jewellery that wont break the bank but will stun on a night out! But the Instagram feed itself is so perfect. It really reflects the company well and I love how summery and happy it feels. It’s one you go out of your way to find just to get that feel of summer and positivity. This feed is not pushy and doesn’t ask customers to jump through any hoops just for the privilege of getting to the website. I could literally buy everything from this store but from fear of my boyfriend being home when all of my 386749 packages arrive, I need to find a new tactic to get all of these bits in undetected! Suggestions welcome!

woodpeckers and weasels

w&w 2

So, Woodpecker and Weasel is one of those lovely companies I heard about through a friends’ blog – perks of the job – and I knew immediately I’d have to get in touch with them to work together – so watch this space for them to be featured on LoveRosiee very soon! This gorgeous store makes the most beautifu trinkets out of some of my favourite things in the world – sea shells! My inner mermaid nearly had a heart attack when I found them! Their bits are so understated and have that comforting home-made feel and would be perfect in anyone’s bedroom – from the Queen to Beyoncé and to little old me! I love the feel of the company and again, their Insta feed is the epitome of summer by the seaside – brings me flashbacks of summers in Cornwall with my enormous family! Shopping with Woodpecker and Weasel feels like you’re in a shop on the harbour, ice cream in your hand with your nan gently guiding you past and away from the dolphin anklets! Nostalgia and love all wrapped into one!

dolly lullah

dolly lulah 2

Dolly Lullah. An amazing clothing and accessory store I stumbled upon on Instagram one day and never looked back! The ultimate cool-girl store – I adore all of their bits and cannot wait to shift some extra pounds so that I can treat myself to some of their gorgeous bits! Their Insta feed is ultimate cool and I feel like I’m not even close to cool enough to surf its pages. They are so on trend and all of their summer bits have got me dreaming of a sunny holiday away somewhere! I love how they follow celeb trends that change every day and put their own stamp on them. They are such a fast paced store that seem to have the newest looks stocked before I even know they’re on trend. A must have follow for those of us who have our nose to the ground when it comes to being ahead of the trend and matching what our fave socialites have been wearing!

dress me zara

dress me zara2

Lastly, we have Dress Me Zara! If you are after the sexiest and most up to date trends with a reasonable price tag. you’ve found it all here in one place! All of these outfits would take your selfie on a night out from 6 pity likes from your mates to hundreds! The feel of Dress Me Zara’s feed is uber style and chic! It is the hot, mysterious girl I dream of being but can’t quite manage because my brain is too scattered! They’ve got the biggest trend to come of this year – metallic – covered already and I know that their following gets bigger everyday! Their store is so pretty and ultimate girl chic – dripping in cool – and it wont break the bank, meaning you can still have all the cocktails you want!

Get following each of these stores for al the best trend setting bits ready for the season change into Autumn Sixteen!




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