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Lick The Window of Life

Sometimes you just need to say f*** it and go with what you want. In a world of being told to conform, do this, do that, believe this and don’t speak up, it’s your time to be you. You do you! So when I stumbled upon a brand that was 100% willing to be themselves and not care who they offend I had to collaborate with them! Phuq Clothing are a brand that are not afraid to break boundaries and I’ve come to think of them as your little cousin at a birthday party that has had far too much chocolate, birthday cake and fizzy drinks and tells your Grandad to shut up! So, with the help of Phuq, I encourage you to Lick The Window of Life!

 I love a brand that 100% knows who it is and is not scared to be out there and grab your attention. I also love a brand that have wicked style and Phuq Clothing are that all over.

It will soon be sunglasses season (praise hallelujah) and I cannot wait to be able to debut these gorgeous sunnies as soon as that sun warms up!

I love the style of both of these pairs of sunglasses. I am so ready to see the sun and have two different and diverse styles at my fingertips! These pairs of sunglasses wont break the bank and they will set you apart fashion wise to those too slow on the uptake.

I love that they are all branded up with the iconic tongue poking out half smile and that will help them stick out like a sore thumb!

Phuq are also launching clothing and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of their new t shirts! It is a lovely material, really soft but nice and roomy and although it is in quite a shocking purple colour it’s not altogether unflattering! My Phuq t shirt has been transformed into my go-to blogging t shirt. Super comfy!

Wanna get your hands on some goodies from Phuq clothing?

You’re in luck you lucky people!

For 20% off at Phuq Clothing use my code ROSIEX

I cannot emplore you enough to get your butt over there – this is brand you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer and you’ll be kicking yourself that you’ve missed the boat!

You can find Phuq Clothing and all their goodies by hitting this link!




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