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Spring 17 | Statement Sleeves

Spring is my ultimate favourite time of year. It’s the warm up for the big show. It’s the game changer that changes people’s attitudes and inner selves. It’s he best time of year for new fashions and trends and it’s the best time for bloggers. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel for sunshine, warmth and blog photos!! You kno what I’m saying? Spring is a wonderful time for all and I love to celebrate it, even if I’m slightly premature! I love spring trends and I love having a little power to shed some light on trends coming. So here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in Spring Seventeen! 

Statement Sleeves

The statement sleeve is going to be everywhere this spring! It’s one of those trends that was hinted at last autumn but I didn’t see much embrace from the fashion world. However, now we are this sideline of Christmas, the trend has gone huge! 

I’m seeing statement sleeves on all different types of tops from knitted jumpers to satin jumpsuits. It’s safe to say it’s everywhere! 

What’s brilliant about this trend is that it is so diverse. You literally can pair a statement sleeved knitted pink jumper with distressed jeans and trainers. Or you can dress it up and go for a statement sleeved satin dress with tights and knee high boots!

It’s a simple trend but one I can definitely get on board with! It also won’t break the bank!

I am totally up for embracing this trend as we gracefully step into Spring, easily pair up a statement sleeves cardigan/oversized jumper with a cute spring dress and you’ve got the loo executed perfectly!

I am fully expecting to see a huge burst of this trend ins cute summer dresses in the next coming weeks, I know ASOS and the like are usually well on these sorts of trends so watch this space! 

These top picks come from my favourite stores:







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