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Cold Shoulder

Style is a way to say who you are without speaking – Rachel Zoe

If this is true, I will not have had to mention to anyone this Summer that I am giving them the cold shoulder. At all. In fact, every single person I’ll have come into contact with will have firmly got that message! Not because I’ve especially rude or mean but because of the amazing off the shoulder trend that’s taken the fashion stakes by storm … also known as the Bardot trend! It is one of the most flattering trends and is perfect for all shape and size – also perfect for those of us (guilty) who’ve indulged in a bit too much beer pong and crisps this summer! Here are my top Cold Shoulder picks!

boohoo bardot3 boohoo bardot2 boohoo bardot

So, first up we have a staple favourite online brand of mine … Boohoo. A massive favourite of mine when it comes to the latest trends and also a brand that makes my bank balance happy! This one will not break the bank! So, as you can see from the prices of these gorgeous bardot tops, I’ve picked some gems that will boost your summer wardrobe and ensure you can still afford cocktails to celebrate!

The first one, the gorgeous blue, is a colour you’ll have seen all of the celebs wearing this summer! The longer dress version of this top has gone insane on the celeb-sphere this summer and I thought this gorgeous top was the perfect hint at how in touch you are but also how you are, like, totally not a sheep man! It is gorgeous!

The black is, again, a staple! I love black … I have so many black clothes but I am always a little reluctant to wear them in the summer. No, you can’t get sweat marks in black but you can absorb all of the Sun’s rays and end up getting heat stroke. True story! But, this black crochet number is perfect! Black enough to mirror your inner soul, holey and crochet enough to let some air through and on trend enough for you to rock it!

The khaki number is another perfect trend setter of the season! Khaki has been a lovely colour this season and is tipped to continue to be popular into the Autumn season (guys, I know we don’t want to confront the inevitable but at least if we prepare we can look amazing). The cut of this khaki number is slightly shorter than the other two from Boohoo so be aware of that when reaching up t kiss your man/grab extra red cups out of the cupboard for another round of flip cup!

missguided bardot2 missguided bardot

These gorgeous stripy thangs are from Missguided. Another absolute favourite of mine! One of those stores that I have a massive wishlist saved on permanently that never gets smaller but always ends up getting longer. I could buy everything from there! These two picks are very similar but they are one of those items that have been in my basket counting down the seconds until payday! I love the dress, the style and the shape of it are less tent-like and more gypsy boho (if you know me at all, you’ll know that’s right up my street). I love high light and flowy it is and how it is so simple to dress up keep casual! Pair this with chunky ankle boots, heavy jewellery and a clutch for a night out. Day time? Stick to flowy jewellery and sandals – so simple!

The top is another amazing buy! I love the elastic feel to the shoulders and love that it can be slightly adjustable to sit where it needs to! This one would be perfect with black jeans rolled up at the ankles to show off your kooky anklet! In LOVE!

asos bardot3 asos bardot2 asos bardot

These three final picks are from another fave of mine – and many bloggers out there, ASOS. I love how each of these styles are completely different while still following my favourite Cold Shoulder theme.

The first one is for a little treat! It is in ASOS’s prom dress range so it’s a little splurge but I think it’s perfect for something like a Wedding or a Christening! I love the off the shoulder feel of it with the folded down shoulders – adds that little touch of glamour! I adore the length! The pattern is one of my favourites … flowers duh!

The shirt dress is another favourite of mine! I love shirt dresses in general and would hope that this one would be just as perfect! My only wonder about it would be whether it was see-through or not! Not a good look with my wide load!

Lastly from ASOS is this blue wonder. A little throwback to all of those who wish to be a mermaid! Inhale fashion heaven and exhale mermaid glamour!

What do you think of the bardot/cold shoulder trend? Have you tried it out yet?




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